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When understood, would show how in certain environments, space and time


Of space for the very notion of time made themselves be approximate ideas? Emergent ideas? That themselves rest upon deeper ingredients or deeper notions that when understood, would show how in certain environments, space and time emerged, but they may not even have relevance. To all of reality. You know, if you look at the table, we know that the table is made of molecules, atoms and particles. Could it be that space and time are themselves made of some kind of molecules, atoms and particles? Fundamental entities. Only when they come together in the right way. Build space and time. And remarkably, were starting to gain insight into those kinds of deep questions. We don't have the answers yet, but we're much further along in a question like that, then I thought we'd ever be at this moment. How so well in strength theory. There is the possibility from some of the work that's being done that The metaphor that we often use, we often say the fabric of space and time Right now, That's a fine metaphor, and it's one that I think helps us understand Einstein's ideas of that fabric warps and curves. We could sort of picture that. But is it just a metaphor? Or is the notion of a fabric something that we can take? More seriously now? Riel fabric? You know anything that we have access to Is itself stitched by threads. And we're starting to see in quantum mechanics and in gravity and putting them together quantum gravity that it may be that the threads that stitch the fabric of space, maybe the threads of quantum entanglement. Which is this idea that too distant particles can somehow behave as though they are next to each other. Behave as though they are one. There's his invisible quantum thread between them and those threads of quantum entanglement. Maybe what Stitch is the space time fabric, Which is an incredibly exciting idea. Would that mean that time? Would not necessarily go in one direction. Not necessarily I'm saying that that may not be the implication I don't I don't that time. Yes, I don't fully see Well, A deep question about time is why doesn't have an arrow. Why did it have an orientation to when it comes to space? Look, we could move this way That way. This way up, down left right back forth. We have total freedom to navigate through the spatial environment, the outcome straight. But somehow when it comes to time were forced to navigate in one and only one direction. Why is that? And it's still an open question. And perhaps if we better understood the ingredients of space and time, we would gain insight into where the Disparity. The asymmetry if you will comes from, But I don't see an answer of that sort emerging yet largely because the focus so far has been more on understanding, threatening the fabric of space. The temporal part is still something that deserves greater attention, and researchers are giving that attention now.

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