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One of the funniest man in the world I did a show with his son. His son. I created a show in his The Sun is an animated show. His son played the lead character, Rob Reiner, Like the lead character. I was hoped that Carl Reiner come into good. Carl Reiner. My dad were pretty good friends for quite some time and Carl Reiner. I used to have a a picnic. At his house. Two big first house Does. He loved everybody in show business? Everybody loved him and everybody wanted to go. So he moved it to Rancho Park there, you know, near Fox Studios of Sure. Pete off PICO. And they're literally was like 40 or 50 park benches. And all the kids, Onda. Lot of you know huge celebrities. In one year, Barbra Streisand was there and I was only like I don't have 14 or so very 13 and my Sister was the biggest Barbra Streisand is stretching in fan in the world. So she said to my mom, Hey, will you go over and introduced me to Barbara Streisand, Right's like every girl's dream tried to meet Barbra Streisand when you're when you're 14 or 15 years old. So And she just told me the store recently. It's so great. So my mom who is sort of like me and doesn't really know anything about show business or anything about actors walks over to her. With Kelly, My sister. Says. I

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