A spokesman for the California


Investigations into Koven, 19 outbreaks at two California prisons is Ted Goldberg report along with the thousands of people incarcerated at state prisons, who have tested positive for Corona virus. Hundreds of correctional employees have covered in 18 as well. A spokesman for the California Department of Industrial Relations, says Cal OSHA has launched probes into outbreaks at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, as well as Turkle Walla Valley State Prison in Southern California. More than 150 workers at those sites have tested positive for covert 19 in recent weeks. The investigations focus on two employees have gotten sick. State officials declined to release more details about the probes. They were launched in the last two weeks and are expected to last six months. I'm Ted Goldberg News. Many Californians will likely face new Corona virus restrictions over the Fourth of July weekend.

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