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Told members of Congress today


Are going up in 12 states and the disease is not at all under control in the U. S. NPR's Richard Harris has more joining the CDC director and other health officials at a Senate hearing, Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease doctor, warned If the epidemic is being driven to new heights by people who aren't bothering to wear face coverings or to practice social distancing. We're now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 day. If this does not turn around, and so I am very concerned, and the official case count significantly undercounts the true numbers, health authorities say. She said. Quote. We are heading in the wrong direction, so we really need to do something about that, and we need to do it quickly. Richard Harris NPR News Oklahoma has set a one day high for new Corona virus cases, bringing the total number there to at least 13,757. Jessica Gahler, her reports. The news comes as other states across the nation are also registering a spike. Many states across the South and west are seeing surges in new Corona virus infections. Oklahoma head a record number of new cases on Tuesday, Florida's number of cases has surpassed 100,000 Georgia in Houston have seen a spike and hospitalizations. Officials say reluctance to wear face masks and the easing of restrictions influenced the uptick in cases, among other factors. Jessica Gahler, her reporting people from the United States have now been excluded from list of nations whose citizens are to be permitted in the European Union starting in July. The S and P 500 scored his biggest quarterly percentage gain in more than two decades. Up 47 points. The Dow closed up 217. This is NPR. Man, This is Casey ar w want. Tuesday, June 30th. I'm Larry Parole. Here's what's happening at 5 32 Health officials are calling this Fourth of July weekend a make or break moment for the state's handling of the Corona virus. That is because many Californians eased their social restrictions around the Memorial Day weekend back in May. With a spike in cases. Governor Newsome says new restrictions could be announced tomorrow, the top concern that our health officers have when we surveyed them. Over the weekend family gatherings. What Mohr concern. Then, when we have moving into a weekend, where family gatherings are part of the tradition, Ella has already announced the closure of all public beaches, Piers, Public Beach parking lots and beach bike pants. That's for midnight Friday to five Monday morning. Fireworks displays are banned as well. L. A County Sheriff Alex being away. Ava says deputies will not enforce the beach order but instead focus on enforcing parking closures in traffic along PCH during the holiday weekend. You know, Eva says he was not consulted on beach closures.

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