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Abuse. Also today, a big win for religious schools here in the U. S courtesy of the nation's high court Theeighties, Walter Ratliff explains, the Supreme Court has ruled that states can't cut religious schools out of programs that sent public money to private education. The courts 5 to 4 ruling came in a dispute over a Montana scholarship program for private K 12 education that also makes donors eligible for up to $150 in state tax credits. Montana's highest court had struck down A tax credit as a violation of the state constitutions ban on state aid to religious schools. The scholarships can be used both secular and religious schools, but almost all the recipients attend religious schools. Bye. Walter Ratliff Over in Cambridge. Harvard University says it will stop enforcing a ban on students in single gender social clubs from holding leadership positions and other campus groups. Officials say the band was enacted back in 2018 in hopes of making things a bit more inclusive by targeting eight highly secretive all male clubs. However, they've since determined it's unlikely the university would win any court challenge from sororities and France. At 6 20 in Braintree. Now the school committee their plans to review a petition calling for the town to change up its mascot. The petition says the wops moniker and Native American image are racist and also insensitive to indigenous groups. W. B. C Chris Farmer reports. There's a second petition going around now hoping to keep things the way they are. When I asked residents

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