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'Pride Save America' (with Adam Rippon and Leiomy) - burst 21



Day and see my photo. Yes, you're the third person from the wall to be on the show, so you know we've had Jane and Angela Bassett sense say I was the Angela Bassett of figure skating, so. Checks, out Debbie Thomas has words. Well I love you guys, thank you so much. Thank you so mind. Coming, up next especial pride segment. Listen. We could spend our time talking about how Terry crews. An idiot. Who keeps tweeting about how he doesn't understand. The black lives matter movement and things. Black supremacy is a thing. But instead. Louis Aida and I collaborated with human by orientation for their pride stream. We wanted to share a snippet of that conversation where we talk about pulse the importance of the community coming together and our favorite pride moments, so enjoy this clip and happy pride. Be Like I would obviously be taking part in pride with a lot of my friends right now, and that is one thing I do. the whole community. Pride. Felt like it has banished a bit in the pulpit. And that's one thing. I liked just just because I. I worked at MTV News. A few years back I wrote a piece on the first. Pride after the pulse nightclub shooting. That one that one in Los Angeles doubt. A little sort of similar to the The one that was march that ended with everyone. They're right. You know it was. Sort of Dom Burba was sort of helpful and felt like a little defiant in a way. And, it's unfortunate. These things of all been. Happening one after the other and truly a progression of wear This country. Unfortunately, it's politically moving with a lot of hatred going on, but That pride reminded me a lot of that pride in. Sixteen. When pulse happening obviously was perpetrated on the community, but During news like that, no matter who you're around is incredibly isolating and you're wondering. Why you feel so unsafe fins you know whether me I'm like you know generally speaking privileged person who gets to do what he wants in life like how much homophobia ignored. Gains. And actually reuniting with you know a community. And censoring our anger somewhere and realizing you're not alone has been. Not just helpful, but like I'm so thankful for it I'm so thankful. People are ready to organize. And galvanize Saudi and effectively and I feel like La has done a lot of that. Yeah and especially to go back to the twenty

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