Russian bounties with Rep Adam Schiff - burst 17


In Congress, who when they? Head of agencies were able to shed their their partisan affiliation and understand that the role was out very different. Whether rapid will be able to do that or not. I don't know I certainly hope so. In the Congress I can tell you. He was rabid. Defender of the present present could effectively do no wrong. And he was willing to say or do anything to support the president But you know that's how you get a job in the administration that appearing on Fox so. It's too early for me to say whether that's going to change. You know I will tell you that. I have profound concerns on particular issues. I am Russian. Interference in our elections is at the top of the list. That we may not get the full information in a timely way that we need from the intelligence community, and for that reason We had a hearing last week with technology. Extreme leaders because we may get. More timely information from the private sector about what they're saying. Terms of porn influence operations on social media than we get from the intelligence community so related say Radcliffe some disturbing continuing signs in terms of willingness to speak truth to power. We can't get a worldwide threats. Open ear scheduled yet with rackliff and they're. They're very. Sketchy about if and when they will ever do that. And that to me doesn't bode well for a position which you really need to speak the truth, power. Regardless of whether the President or Congress from that matter like sticker what you have to say yes. Spit follows and ask which is know your work. Over the last few years, particularly in the impeachment proceedings dealt at the nexus of two big questions, one donald trump you know essentially using the foreign policy United States to serve as political interest in to this deeply strange and alarming relationship with Russia. and. We've heard in the past indications that he doesn't like to be told information that goes into the space, so we heard from the former Secretary of Homeland Security. There's a report that she was told not to bring questions to him about Russian interference. That could have foreshadowed frankly his own team, not wanting to press this issue of Russian bounties within as we look ahead to the possibility of you know, it's not the extreme likelihood of further Russian interference in our election. and. We've seen reports that that Rick Grenell when he was, there tried to prevent that information from being shared with Congress. What what can be done I mean you mentioned the technology sector? But there's a lot of dimension sisters, the cyber threat that said DHS. There's what state and local governments who administer elections are GonNa have to do what can be done to give the American people confidence that their election is being protected from Russian interference. If the US intelligence community is not going to be sharing, that information cannot be trusted to share that information with people like you, and certainly the president can't be trusted to take that seriously. right, Ben. In fact, the issue raised that have been mentioned by the former secretary of VHS that they're afraid to brief from on things like Russia that he doesn't WanNa. Hear about without confronts him. With vaccine is one no.

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