Savannah just became the only


Day isolation period for visitors from anywhere but New England, New York and New Jersey. New York and New Jersey and Connecticut doubled the list of states subject and their two week isolation period. More cities are beginning to mandate masks to Savannah just became the only city in Georgia, where a mask is required. Jacksonville, Florida Just started a mask mandate in social distancing is not possible. City Council President Tommy Missouri is with us now. What was the impetus here is the increase in the power. You and Dad were still pretty low compared to the rest of it, but it picked up a lot over the last week. We need to take every precaution and safety measure that we can of the mandatory mass is important. I think you've seen other cities and Claude have done it already. Ours is in public places. And if you can't be socially distance of six feet, then they definitely need to be wearing those maps. They haven't gotten to the point yet of what kind of penalties on some cities already in Florida already. That's fine. We're tryingto. I asked the public to be socially responsible, Be personal, responsible. And if that doesn't happen, I dare say that we will probably start instituting. Find the Republican National Convention is coming to your city in August. Will this masked men date apply? It was my opinion. It definitely would have thought. 60

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