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The Milwaukee Common Council will consider requiring mask to be worn in public spaces. This after scores of businesses make the request to Mayor Tom Barrett as well as common Council President Cavalier, Johnson says another stay at home order, brought down by a covert spite could be the death knell for someplace it. They're forced once again to close. It may be the last time they quality. It's theater groups. Carrie Wait, Who says it's the states and communities without mask rules Having issues? The evidence couldn't be any clearer. Wearing a mask is not only safe, but it's necessary for us to avoid another shutdown, and people deserve to be safe when they're supporting and when they're working at Milwaukee business. Some 70 businesses signed the original letter, which says that numbers grow into more than 140 million. TMG NEWS, Rocky Alderman Bob Bowman tells T M J for news Requiring mask is practically a sign of petition sent a letter That's all well and good. But I think there's a lot of complications here. And of course, the biggest one is enforcement.

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