142: Jason Cohen - Learning to Hire and Manage a Team

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This is full stack radio episode one forty two. For people who aren't familiar with you, I kind of became familiar with you through the microcosm sort of circle I remember seeing the talk that you gave Microsof- years ago I think it's like designing the ideal bootstrap business, which has become like sort of a famous talk in like the bootstrap startup circles, and then from there I kind of discovered your blog and went back and read you know a lot of the amazing articles that you posted and listen to other interviews that you've done and stuff like that so it's really awesome to have the chance to speak with you. Thanks for having me. Yeah, so the reason I want to have you on the podcast is. For the last few years I have been running a little business by my cell phone number of years, and then with a partner for the last year and a half where I I started by releasing like e books in video courses, and that's kind of let me leave my job and kind of go independent, and it went really well, and it was really successful with that, and then did another book with WHO my partner is. Currently that was super, super successful, and did like a million dollars in revenue in the first month, which is an e book on design for developers, and then since then we've sort of tried to get our foot like into the software Roy Moore so kind of. Easing out of like the info product stuff into stuff, that's a little bit closer to software so now we make commercial templates and stuff for the tendency s framework, which is a CSS from that I actually originally created. I'm just cool, so it's it's been cool to be able to find a way to sort of build a business around what was originally just kind of fun. Open source project that we kind of built this community around, but up until now it's just been me and Steve my partner working on this stuff and kind of gotten to the point where there's just so much stuff that we want to do and not. Not enough resources to do it, so we started dipping our toes into the world of hiring and trying to grow the team, so when I was emailing with you before we did this for it was kind of set this up I kind of laid out a couple of these details, and the first thing that you said was guys doing how much revenue with just the two of you like. Why are you hiring anyone at all? So I think maybe it'd be good to kind of start there and hear more about kind of your your take on that and what it would take for me to convince you that it's a good idea. I guess. Well I mean you don't need to convince me. I think I think. I think most people don't like to manage other people. There's some people that do love. They love being managers. On that's? That's NEAT it's fine, but. I think most people don't enjoy it and kind of make sense like you're a master of some sort of craft, and so you WanNa do that instead of messing about with somebody else. Also you probably have strong opinions about stuff like in your case, maybe designer, writing code or something, and that makes it very hard to delegate to anybody else because you're not gonNa do it exactly the same way. And probably it's fine, but also probably it's hard for you to let go of even the Insi-, inconsequential details, and so that makes it harder. So I think I think there's various reasons why. An employer who wants to spend time figuring out someone else's career or working through some psychological thing that they have or etc, as opposed to working again on whatever it is that your specialty and that you really enjoy? So I. Don't think people like it, and then if you don't like you, don't spend time to become a good manager. Then you're sort of defacto a bad manager Sir. That's what that is. sometimes we. we try to convince ourselves that that makes us a good manager. In other words. We say things like Oh, I hire. Good people gather way. Were you know I just get rid of problems and let them go, and we convince ourselves that that's a good manager I'm really that's not being one as opposed to actually helping somebody with whatever it

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