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How to Drink Moderately: Finding Your Drinking Sweet Spot - burst 2


Hi and welcome to the high functioning hotspot with me, Dr Chloe Carmichael I'm a clinical psychologist and former yoga teacher in New York City and I specialize in working with high functioning people. Thanks for joining me once again. And today's episode I got to delve into drinking while not me personally drinking, but I interviewed a drinking expert Natalie Make Larini and discussed my blog. UNMINDFUL DRINKING as a psychologist who works with high functioning people. Drinking is really interesting topic, because many high functioning people have a work hard play hard mentality, and sometimes we like to drink a little bit because it helps that million miles in our mind to slow down a little bit. I wrote a blog which I will read it in a moment about. About learning to find your drinking sweet spot using some mindfulness techniques, it was great to get Natalie's thoughts on my blog because she has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media where she shares and reviews cocktails. This is actually a side business for her. She's actually a marketing and content company, but she somehow turned her hobby of drinking break cocktails into a lucrative business were really high functioning person there, so here's my blog, unmindful drinking, and then I'll go right into the interview with Natalie enjoy. New York City is a city that loves to drink. We meet friends for happy hours. We eat up business dinners. We gotTa Trendy Lounges we attend networking events with open bars and many of us myself included eleven nice, quiet drink with a delicious meal and a lively social scene at a restaurant Bar, the beauty of it is that for many of us again myself included all this. Drinking actually leads to great things successful business. Business Dinners Mingling with new and interesting people and a sense of relaxation that happens effortlessly as alcohol immediately creates a mild euphoria that makes us open up laugh more and shuts off our incessant internal monologue side note. I actually met my publisher at Macmillan in St Martin's press as I was sitting at a restaurant bar so good things definitely happen at the bar, and but at the same time well, alcohol does have clear. Clear benefits for many of us both personally and professionally with all this drinking, we could probably benefit from some tips from mindfulness to enjoy moderate drinking even more, and that is the key here. I just WANNA say that the goal here is to actually learn that by drinking mindfully will actually got more pleasure out of drinking than if we just drink however much, we feel like I. Find that oftentimes when people are just. Just drinking however much they feel like they actually end up. Having a couple more drinks than is actually even truly the sweet spot of pleasure for them, so I just really WanNa frame here that the idea around the mindful observation system is to learn where your true sweet spot is, and then that will help you to be able to stay an exactly the right happy place zone for yourself instead of just you know. Know after having a few drinks just randomly deciding to have a couple more, and then you know actually getting out of your drinking, sweet spot, so the goal here is to maximize our pleasure now it is important to note that the kind of drinking I'm talking about here is different from Hamas umn or addiction to alcohol You know I'm not talking about situations where people have too much to drink, and then they ended. ended up getting arrested Ed or having a hospital visit or other forms of drinking that clearly suggests that are normal standards of safety, personal responsibility have been severely compromised. Those types of relationships are definitely not what we're talking about here. I'm talking about people who are not Oklahoma, but simply people that just want to increase their sense of purpose and control around the way that they drink, and of course I just WANNA say. Say that. You know this podcast is not medical, advice or psychotherapy. This is just me reading a blog that I wrote about mindful drinking, so the first step is to decide to build your wariness. Commit to observe. You're drinking with out trying to change your habits at least at first before we can even have a hope of really changing something. It's often helpful to just observe it. This can help us to set realistic. Realistic goals and to understand our drinking patterns and triggers more fully than if we paid attention to alcohol only when it's time to drink it or only when we want to control it, the idea here is to just pay attention and observe. You're drinking from a neutral information-gathering. Curiosity based mindset without actually attempting any efforts to change it right now. When's you've made a commitment to observe your drinking? Here's how to do it. Define your observation field mindfulness meditation often involves choosing something to observe, and then observing for a set period of time. This Bell Dr Observation and Awareness Scowls and pre redefining the time period for observation actually freezes to delve into the observations without having to second guess ourselves with questions like should I stop yet. Have I observed long? Enough I wonder if I'm doing this right, we can apply this insight from mindfulness meditation to facilitate drinking observations in the following manner. For a predetermined amount of time for example two weeks two days, or whatever feels right for you commit to observe your drinking and a neutral manner by just noting down your drink counts the number of drinks that you have every day. Your goal here is to just tabulate. You're drinking without attempting to change it. This is actually more difficult than it sounds for many people, so please be gentle with yourself. If you struggle with the Stop, just remember that the more familiar you are with basic information about your drinking, the more capable you are observing it and the easier that it will be for you to make what changes you desire. Now it's time to document your observations. Try to complete the drink log on my blog I actually which is linked in the next for this episode. I have a sample, but it's pretty basic. You know you just have a log where every day you note the day, and you make an entry per page about how how many drinks that you had that day, and then you also note down whether this was a same. Same Day entry or retroactive log you know about if for some reason that you didn't make the drinking log at a certain day, you skipped it. You actually just note that when you go back and enter the information, and then what you also would note is whether you are estimating the number of drinks, or whether it is an actual count either way as okay. The idea here is that you're just observing your drinking skulls. You're drinking skills like the number of drinks as well as your ability or willingness to actually stick with the idea of observing and of counting the number of drinks,

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