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Police ask for public's help in identifying suspects who lit fires in Philadelphia businesses during night of looting, rioting


Philadelphia Philadelphia Police Police have have video's video's from from the the night night of of looting looting and and rioting rioting in in the the city city a a month month ago ago where where suspects suspects can can be be seen seen lighting lighting fires fires inside inside businesses businesses in in his his cable cable W W crime, injustice reported, Kristen Johannsen explains. Hoping the public can help identify the arsonist. All the videos are within a few hours from the evening of May 31st into the early morning hours of of June June 1st, 1st, the the first first video video show show several several people people breaking breaking into into the the sun sun pay pay beauty beauty supply supply store store along along Germantown Germantown Avenue Avenue nearly nearly high high just just before before eight eight PM, PM, looters looters ransacking ransacking the shop. One guy who officials stays in his late teens, early twenties is seen on surveillance video, sparking a flame in the corner of the store. Within minutes, those flames engulfed the store eventually. Seemingly melting the camera. The business they say, was completely destroyed just less than two hours later in center city. In another video and store, a young teenager wearing a Villanova sweatshirt can be seen lighting a snack rack on fire inside the wall at 12 the market streets. The rack is near the entrance, leaning against the pillar, while others vandalize and loot. The third video shows several people ransacking the Kensington smoke shop along Allegheny Avenue in Kensington. Authorities say one guy in his late 20 He's early thirties begins lighting things on fire as they sit atop of the table. The videos can be seen on our website K y w news radio dot com Kristen Joe Hansen, K Y.

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