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They haven't phoned the house like this before


Kaiser is off the chain. Everything is in one place for you. Your X ray will be done there. The doctor will see you fear the labs are there for you. And then the nurses that work with you, Kaiser. They make you feel so at home. They're there to meet you. I would not be alive today. If I had not had. I feel really, really great knowing. Is a place that I could go to make sure that I can maintain good health. Every medical case is unique to one of the chef's Astrid Ruffle Maryland. She's early home. There's no place like it. Follow me, Nick Offerman as I take you on a journey through the history of home. An intimate look at houses of things. Henry the eighth, many homes. Hearst Castle Edison has this study and claim they haven't phoned the house like this before that required incredible genius. The history of home exclusively on curiosity stream. Wall Street closed out the second quarter with a solid advance. It was the market's best quarter since 1998 despite the Corona virus pandemic. The Dow Industrial's climbed 217 The S and P 500 jumped 47. The NASDAQ surged 1 85 American Airlines is getting heat for its decision to resume booking flights to capacity. Director of the CDC expressed substantial disappointment, Dr Anthony found, she said he's not sure what went into Americans decision making. Calling them a national security threat. The FCC is moving against China's Wall way and ziti. It

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