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We still have to contact us, but we don't contact them. What do you mean?


Please God. James Flippen w O. Our new governor, Cuomo was expected to give his decision today about whether a NPAs indoor dining in New York City A pro Trump group called the Donald has been banned from the messaging board site Reddit for hate speech. The group has nearly 800,000 users who posed means videos and content in support of the commander in chief, But they've also used the platform to target and harass others with hate speech. The news is sponsored by the crones and Collide his foundation. The crones collide. His foundation has been at the forefront of inflammatory bowel disease research and care for over 50 years, learned more about research, education and support at crones collide his foundation that'll work sports Anyway. The channel forecast coming up next w. O R News time is 203 Thanks for calling 1 800 Got junk. This is Sarah. How can I help? Brian wants to see all of us in a video chat. One click and I'm there. Thanks for coming. Everyone Today. I'm proud to announce our new No contact. Full service. Junk removal,

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