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Oh! So what a great! Hello! That is! That makes a nice with. Commerce exactly. How's it going John? I've just turned the fan off in my office so that we can record which means we are counting down to the point when my body goes past one hundred and five and I pass out I. Know this this room to this room to is like freezing with the air conditioning on, and you turn it off and five minutes later. You are basically able to bake sourdot Brennan. Yes, and you know I I have ways of cooling fans. Air Conditioners can't use them well recording now, also I have to keep. The door closed in this room. Because let's just say I. Have A feral cat living in my office right now. So. We can't have the door open. Your that. Yeah. That's a meal. You're feral cat. Theory is that's betsy that sense? Betsy sounds okay. He's all. Right, now he's at the window and he's meowing I. Think what he's saying is help. Your. Guys. Your barrel cats. Maybe he say free food and here. Really Awesome. Sleep all day. Any Food I love it. Yeah. He's he's. He's doing great. As you know as you know, I have started taking care of the feral cats in my backyard, but the feral cats are now not in a crate. They are not in a basement. They don't have a towel over them. They are roaming freely in US recording studio. One has a skin condition and is staying with me awhile until the skin condition is soft, and it may not be solved I. Don't know I may not be solved, I'm not sure what's going to happen. Maybe he's going to be an indoor cat. Who knows at the window? Your indoor cat. Let's let's. Let's let's make it personal. It's not an indoor cat. You notice that. I'm trying not to say it because I've become too attached to this cat. While the cat does deep deep, deep, deep, deep, deep in its feral mind and heart. Can, you can see Betsy Beth. Everybody Radiator Watch I taught him a trick. Betsy. Betsy I. Do that looks at me, Really Cute, a loud noise and ahead turn studies Ya. Predator, so it looks at. The first sign of like threat approaching. I make that noise and he's like. Again. Once again we have nothing to. Show for you from the Netflix series working moms with the show's creators and stars Catherine Reitman and Philip Sternberg. Then we talked a longtime friend of mine comedian Baron Vaughn, and he shares with us his innermost thoughts on. Be Better, roommate, the hulk or Wolverine? But I. Really get things going with Alex Newell and Jane Levy from. The NBC Musical Dramas Zoe. Extraordinary playlist to show is about a woman who discovers she is the ability to hear people's thoughts as songs, so everyone on the show is a triple threat. They can act sing and dance, but Jonathan can. They won't their way through an asking other trivia game I hope so. I always thought triple threat was acting singing and Trivia. Would you say it's acting singing and dance interested? You know what? Maybe maybe it is. Maybe maybe Trivia is just woven in there. We'll find out. And like magic here. They are Jay Levy Alex. Newell thank you so much for being part of Ashby another. I have been watching Zoe's extraordinary playlist. Okay? No, that some of the cast are professional singers dancers like you Alex but the show features a lot of choreography that I assume you don't get a lot of time to learn. What was that like for you, Jane Yeah. There's a there's a an array of experience throughout the cast, Alex Newell comes in, and just does one kick and is like I learned it. It's fine. Under some of us who get eight rehearsals because it's a lot harder. Yeah. I do I do learn I have learned a music number. The day of but Jane has as well. While yeah, but mine are usually. My characters in every single dance number every musical number, because it comes through her superpower, but most of my choreography. If you WANNA, call it that in those numbers or just me like walking in a straight line so I can learn those on the day. You have a dance background. Don't Eugene. I danced as a kid. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so you're not afraid of it. No I love it. I'm much more afraid of singing singing is. Really difficult for me. But she meals every time that's. After, the but but. Every time a period. Wow, thanks, Alex, but dancing is just fun and I care less about being good about good at it right? Yeah, because you can move and that's the most important thing. It's the rest of us who are when you start dancing cooper like oh no! Her dancing, Lake when we do the. Of The second episode when she was like. They were like nothing. Like dancing can. Like five steps. That's when I was in shape. So we have a couple of great games for you. Let's let's play some games. Okay so this first one. You're going to be playing against each other. We're going to go back and forth. This is a this is a game about characters every answering. This game is a famous character. Jonathan I are going to read you an excerpt of how the author described the character, and you just have to guess who is being described. Great Okay. So Alex will start with you. Here! Her stepsisters ridiculed her. AP's. stepsisters right? How many? How many. Honestly I, I wanna read the rest of it just for our listeners, and also because I did not when I, heard this description I had never heard this particular version that her stepsisters ridiculed her, and scattered peas and lentils into the

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