Five Surprising Benefits Of Yoghurt For Toddlers


Welcome back everybody for another episode of Kids Nutrition podcast today we're going to talk all about your beds. And before we dive straight in just as usual light to invite you to pick a cord directly into my calendar if you'd like to work with me for example through my fussy eating programs on Vegan nutrition program, and of course I've got my suspected. Food Allergy programs then you can book a call directly in my calendar. I've got a few calls every week and have a few places that I can work with families every month, so these places and spots are limited at the moment, but if you'd like to work with me than please book that call in, and we'll take it from there so today we're going to talk. Talk All about yogurt and the benefits of your goods for kids and I think he ought sometimes get understood because we know that sometimes east can be quite high in sugar, and I've got various blog post at previous episodes sugar that can dive into. If you want to talk more about those individual topics, but today we're going to focus on the positives. The pen fits of. Yoga for kids. Out of the five benefits that we're going to focus on. The first one that had lied to check to you about is of course breakfast now I know sometimes with schools now restarting starting and nurseries and child mind is being open, perhaps some sure and particularly early risers. Get, really early I mean I know some time kids can be awake by six in the morning, and a really bright as it can be by half five, and they want to eat breakfast really utterly so if you need something really quick before they get going to nursery school I often use yoga. Yoga is brilliant because. It's called carbohydrates, protein, and other micronutrients that we're going to focus on as individual benefits, but really Brek. I is one of the most important meals for kids and I appreciate that not all kids want to eat breakfast that early, but for those who do and he wants a really quick option. Then yogurt can be sh. Ask The answer especially, just need to grab something from the Fridge. It's Kohl's is quite refreshing. Once is still quite hot I hope he survived the heat wave by way of sad to see that it's actually quite code at to sort of let the kids leave for the park today wrapped in Cardigan extra layers and things like that. But if you still need something, quite code is they come an individual portions, or you can buy them in tubs and the Great Thing About Yogurt is you can act to it so for those of you. Who are fans of SMOOTHIES? You can use yogurt base and what I do is I often add to it because oats are a nice low releasing carbohydrate foods that helps keep blood sugars, nice and steady through the day. Day, and of course they are, they will add a source of final for that breakfast meal, and you can add other things you can add these pieces of fruit so I let chop up the Nawaz allowed to chop berries whatever you have in the fridge, really or in the fruit bowl and again and more proteins a you can add not butter especially if you have a child who you're worried, the weight, gain and growth. Then you can add not butters to that, and of course you can keep it really really simple for those who are really small appetite, who just want a little something? When they're up? Then you could just grab some of those individual pods of Yogurt, and you're ready to go,

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