Gabriel Jimnez: Petro The Crypto Project That Tried to Free Venezuela



Thanks for coming on. Thank you and thank you for waiting on. Thank you for the invitation to the band. Like I mentioned year before that change, my life, a lot I was completely destroyed on depressed over there, in Chicago, waiting for my paperwork for to be able to work on riot that the day before coming here when I got my paperwork on while the sat on Roseanne went to stay here in on the bay. I'M GONNA start working on out. That I'm passionate about. So you're living in the bay area? No, yes in Oakland. I was. Watching Week I think Mr Talk, but it was staying in Oakland and is like a really neat place I. Think I heard on the the Charlie. Trump podcasts that you're working with reserve now. I'm supporting Sarah via. Ask. Are Focusing on hyper visionary countries. A basketball is one of them. The reasons that I was working in creating. In, Minnesota related to take and related particular to cryptocurrencies is because of the potential that we we know. CRYPTOCURRENCY had in Venezuela and I think that very much reserve has taken a risk to actually try to develop and focus on developing tools particularly for the swearing context. Being a are a company that they don't even have Venezuelan known under team, and they were focusing on the big prawns had been a hat, so I decided to Suppor- dame, basically, because has been. Working on the potential of approp- There's. Always people, but and mostly focused right now on creatine product on my own, and that is Mike Place that is focused on providing jobs to Venezuelans goes John's. What financial freedom that cryptocurrencies allows you to I'm trying to provide dignified jobs I walk create a tool that is able to match being five jobs for. People. To be dependent over either Gordon or anyone that is subsidizing something particular, but they can get leaving on their own, so you the same fundamentals on technology and crypto payments in order for them to receive their the value of their work, but also you know they're on were being able to afford the rent being able to afford their food, their medicine that is something that is lacking undergone economy nowadays. So. Could we backtrack into how you got involved with all of this and like you grew up in Venezuela? You actually were from what I read. You were living the. And then you decided to move back to Venezuela in two thousand fifteen I. Think you talk a little bit about what inspired you go back there and like try to start solving the problems. My college years back there in Venezuela. I always was very active politically. WEST PART OF GENERATION OVER MINNESOTA. The, two thousand and seven generation, and we had many troubles and protest. The Chavez back at the time I created offline Dacian, trying to help unite the people to create comprised grid. Pray except helps everyone that's when I was in college, so my plan was to go to the US study. Prepare and go back to Venezuela because. It through my life. Actually find solutions that affects our life as they're. Hold prices that is. Over there my country when I went over here to the US, I landed in Boston. I was star in the over. There are some specific station in negotiation continent My plan was to go back. I didn't know when. I knew that I was here in the US to prepare myself Durand to work and to go back. That's the reason why I'm here. In is I started working after my masters. Started working at the US Congress actually while I'm the US Congress and working for an congresswoman. Deanna, that is the biggest district, is a district that has the most Venezuelans in the US, told the reason that I decided to four hair with her back in two thousand fourteen I. Actually promoted as we're seeing her office the first sanctions. Officials a were violating human rights dot particular Gio that Gorman kill over hundred people that. Is Particularly John Renaissance at were protesting once again in two thousand fourteen, and in two thousand fifteen, happening something unique on the Venezuelan modern history that for the first time, since Chagas got power ninety, a the won an election for a public office or a major power, but in this case is the legislature so. Is the equivalent to US Congress for us. Is the National Assembly? I actually was renewing my. Own Mexico back at the time, but when I saw that their position one I thought you know many Venezuelans hope went over there for change soon for the first time, the Congress had a lot of power for, but besides the power that Congress held in Venezuelan people that wanted something different i. didn't you hold the political confident will end up happening, but the marathon that the Venezuelan people wanting to change in West Lake signed for me that it was a woman to go on support and that movement of change.

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