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The company is when i when i actually got into the business of psychology and all this you know all this stuff and attention and now we're here and initial question so so in other words you who like one of these kids. They're like when i was. I hated kids like you and i was like a kindergarten and first grade teachers like hey we're gonna put down this bowl of fruit and i want you also draw the fruit right and i not a natural born. I take up my crayon and i start to join. It looks like someone's sneezed vomited on the paper and look at this one kid it's. It's the jackson paula you perfectly as soon as you. I'm gonna i'm gonna piss you off you more. I was actually the first on every time and it was the best every every time oh my god i i'd be. I doubt sit back and just watch everyone. Grownups you ought to sales are designed to sales like the friendship. Mackinaw throw headed israel born artist okay. It's awesome talent. That's what i like about him so he's basically ruined from me for hiring a other designers because they're just slower and the final outcome isn't it gets not basically ruined it for me. Let's let's let's do this. One just do all guys where we're gonna go to tracks. You'll life up to then. You met your light up the met them across awesome together so let's go. We'll see you next out number. One okay so you. This young obviously incredibly talented natural born artist right so you're gonna some special schools you take lessons passenger parents kind of empowered to pursue that and trains you right glass classical training after school i would my mom would drive me to our school.

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