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Greetings noble citizens. I caesar welcome you all to caesar's palace when caesar's palace opened its doors in august nineteen sixty six wrapped in the grandeur of the roman empire. It became the biggest destination on the strip and office crowning achievement. In las vegas hoffa was the guest of honor at the lavish grand opening and nevada's governor as the story goes told attendees at the resort would not have been built without hoffa even on opening night. Hoffa ahead an incredible influence at caesar's according to michael green a university of nevada. Las vegas history. Professor seager taking a bath in the casino. They were really losing the first night and the story is that he had gone up to bed and ran up and off and said we need more money and half said find. You're going to have another million or whatever it was that they needed to get through jeff schumacher says offer was in all his glory. Everybody seemed to love uncle. Jimmy and he was taking care of the hotels. He was in all of the elite circles in the city and he could make or break just about anybody in town so he was very powerful but hoffa needed the mob to hold onto is power. This is author and investigative reporter. Dan dare the dean of those who have covered. Hoffa's disappearance awful always thought that or he always claimed that he would deal with the mafia at arm's distance. In my opinion they own him. Really lock shock and barrel own him and people under your sticking you've got people in detroit least fifteen who have please records. And he ran into a buzzsaw robert kennedy. Then the chief counsel for what became known as the. Us senate rackets. Committee chaired by senator john. Mcclellan of arkansas. The committee was formed to investigate corruption within the labor movement. And the tape says union was at the top of its hitlist. The rackets committee exposed the corrupt practices of hoffa's predecessor. Dave beck forcing him to resign. Next up was hoffa. The also was accused of misusing teamster money for his own personal benefit and power-grabs within the union any spied with kennedy at public hearings often fanning loss of memory about his hard nosed union activities. The two men hated each other over one. Three stretch of questioning hoffa claimed his memory had failed him. One hundred and eleven times at one point according to a series published by the mob museum. A frustrated kennedy told hoffa quote. It's beyond comprehension that you can't remember this. You've had the worst case of them. Nizhny the last two days. I've ever heard of and i don't go over that because the volcker act i've actually arraigned that not going for that kind of action by disassociating yourself. Many years ago from fellow. Why john it from like every place you go. We've checked your telephone number. You're calling every gangster in the united states mr kennedy. What has happened in the past life of people today. Maybe you got lieutenant shoulder son working for the teamsters union. They basically nice people today. Don't give them a chance. Move by the time. The committee completed its work. Hoffa had become an international celebrity but kennedy wasn't finished after his brother. John kennedy became president in nineteen sixty. One bobby was appointed attorney general and continued the onslaught against hoffa and the mob. He created a special labor rackets unit that insiders dubbed the get hoffa squad detroit crime reporter scott bernstein says kennedy had only one goal bobby. Kennedy's sole focus in life. How much of the early nineteen sixties was to dismantle organized crime in america and key targeted hoffa as one of the ways that you that and removing hoffer a from power and the teamsters union was taking away a great weapon in the arsenal of organized crime. And eventually he did. Kennedy's anti-mob campaign ended in nineteen sixty. Four when he stepped down as attorney general several months after his brother was assassinated in dallas. The story floating around is that hoffa was at a miami restaurant when he heard the news. That president kennedy had been murdered. He stood on a chair and cheered then he phoned his lawyer and said quote. Have you heard the good news. They kill the son of a bitch. This means body is out as attorney. General office disdain. For bobby kennedy led to the theory that hoffa and his mafia sponsors had conspired to kill president kennedy before. Bobby left office. Hoffa was convicted of jury. Tampering in a kickback. Case in tennessee and months later he was convicted. Again this time of defrauding the teamsters pension fund in chicago through it. All hoffa remained a beloved union later among the rank and file. Teamsters bernstein says he was the face of the working man in america from the nineteen fifties until his death in nineteen seventy five. He could shut down the entire country with a single phone. Call to stop all trucks from from moving goods and merchandise in this audio provided by wd. Iv tv in detroit auto described the lengths. He would go to protect his union that ever strike. We have With employers to really wanna fight they revert to hiring huddles and unless we know who our enemy is. Unless we're in a position to do something about it he'll lose your strike but it all came crashing down when hoffa went to prison in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven to turn things over to his vice president frank at simmons who was a large sized not very bright eight detroit teamster who had been hoffa's lackey and kind of stooge and hoffa believe that he could put into place says the president on a temporary basis and then take the union back when he got out of prison but the mob had different plans of fitzsimmons got really comfortable really quickly and had no desire to give back the teamsters presidency. The mob that was be control fitzsimmons. Also began to realize that life without jimmy hoffa as president of the teamsters. Wasn't that back. That simmons with someone that was very malleable and easy to bend to the will of his mop superiors was someone that required less.

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