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It was listening to it because there was something inside me. That made me do it. Wow so along that line. I became a musician and i was never a virtuoso at anything but i could hear something once. Play it because i listen to the beatles so often and sort of knew where the notes flint so so I started playing in bands and things Writing songs Basically making up melodies but not really taking a lot of time to write lyrics that Tient okay but So i i put out six albums and working on a seven. But i live in north carolina. Now i have three kids and a great wife and the very supportive but but That's it it's it's not. Music is not something i love. It's something that i have to do it including listen to including finding these records you know. Yeah it it it. It is a calling to assert too. Isn't it yeah. it's almost like it's not gonna call you demand like a is like genetic it's like we're not genetic but it's it's like cellular slight visceral To say i love the beatles or the their favorite band. It's it's like saying that my mother's favorite mother will. My wife is my favorite wife. It's it's not something i palau thought into. Because it's it's cellular. Yeah if if i was to put down a put a record down to listen to for pleasure it would be something like x t c or Stevie wonder or things like that. Those are the things i really really like. But the beatles are more like they're like family and they've made wow that's that's that's a beautiful way to put it My dad in in mom like i was in the army so we moved around a lot Here you so i'm currently in dallas texas but Like i was born in louisiana. My dad was stationed in kentucky. Germany louisiana. We moved around. My mom was a Mom and daddy's girl so anytime she could she moved back to louisiana. I counted up once. I went to twelve different schools between i in eighth grade was been hard it was and and i I discovered comic books. Very young and Someone was talking to me once that Her theory she a counselor. She said that. Because i had no friends that i could count on because the mall. I learned very quickly the quick as you got to close the someone you going to move ever see him again. And while that my My friends in the you four colors. You know superman batman spider man. You know we're always there for me. And so that's why..

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