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The giants are saying Jo Laker would say to that ad campaign. He would say when it comes to championships wins and glory take the over knowing he would say, that's what he was saying. What did you say you built a city that's interesting because I've just purchased the city. Got it. I think that's a great theory. There's city it's funny that you know, my business sense as somebody once said in these hallways famously. He's got the business sense of an ass. The business sense of I do. It was said about somebody else guy dragging the crucifix me awhile to get over that one. But the business sense of an ant. Oh, by the way, six five. Oh, Saint Bonnie, Jill maybe do a second research it was chemo. And I think he's right chemo was the name of the guy. He said, no, you're UFC history before you speak. That's what it said. I have a video maybe he was biting chemo style. Chemo. The guy's name was chemo. I do. Remember now. Scott him walk out with a crucifix again. Well, that's okay, Bonnie chills. Doubling down six. I mean, that's sort of six five. Come on open right now. I'm gonna look up chemo UFC crucifix. Kimo leopoldo. You talk about a mixed bag. Know what? Now, we're getting into an area that I am out of my all I knows I saw the guy come in. We were baffled. And then Jim Brown spoke to what we were thinking, which is a strange mix of religion and violence that I don't entirely understand Jim Brown. I gotta say because I I'm a fan of Jim rats where we're at our strange mix of pessimism and optimism that we don't entirely understand continue this weird mixed bag of a show in this segment, especially how about the and I'm not kidding. This was like one of the real thrills for me with you doing the show all these years when we got to meet Jim Brown. Yeah. That was way cool, man. You talk about a man with some presence to store you getting your Jim Brown, man. You you you feel that Jim Brown? The name. Jim Brown mean much to you guys that Jenner your generation cope. I don't know. He knows him as the from the movie the dirty dozen perhaps come on, man. Yeah. There's a Lou called the human crucifix Gary Goodridge day, and it's called the cruise. The one carried the Chris, which is a submission move. Yeah. That's. That was his nickname. Well, maybe you'll come out today. Vice call by the way with all these crucifix mentions. I just feel I wouldn't be doing my job with finding Jesus. What's wrong with that? He's got an empty the empty the bench today for you. I was just watching a documentary on Netflix, the the two deaths of Sam Cooke. Oh haven't seen that yet. Documentary, but there's a talks about there's a a night where Muhammad Ali fought somebody and afterwards are also there's a photo. Listen, listen, they're all sitting in a hotel room. It's Muhammad Ali Sam Cooke, Jim Brown, and Malcolm X are all hanging out conversation in one hotel powerful. Soto that's a powerful. In that group. I'm feeling some shame because cope, I'm realizing you told me to watch that like weeks ago, and I'm still dragging. Sorry. My bad my bad. One of my buddies would always talk about Sam Cooke in college. And he would always say Sam Sam cook, his death is shrouded in mystery. He would always say that so love Sam Cooke is Springsteen Bruce love Sam cook. And his death is shrouded in mystery got some pipes, man. Maybe kind of mystery, I don't know about his death. Honestly, even a documentary called the two deaths of samples. That's how mysterious check it out. It's it's it's a big mystery as to as to how he died. She made me a mix tape of Sam cook. And he actually wrote on the little what do you call the binder of the little label or whatever. Yeah. Sam parentheses. My death is shrouded in Mississippi, I cook. Well, I gotta say what's after I watched Bumgarner goes seven and two thirds of to hit ball today. I'll watch the Sam Cooke movie, but I wasn't going to say back to my business sense of an aunt story is that I do I truly do have the business sense of an aunt was, you know, what the problem is other people do my taxes all these things a Moskowitz. You name. It. I I hadn't viewed that the warriors moving into chasing her as a true competition between the giants and the warriors. I told you Larry to tell you the truth a rising tide lifts all boats that like, hey, you're in the region. We might as well go to a giants game or go to they see it as consumer has X number of dollars where are they spending? It. That's what they see it as well. Do not only that Murph. But I look at it almost like the sopranos, and I'm not kidding. This is kind of a joke. But not really when Tony soprano who basically if you didn't watch the show he was the boss who ran all the north jersey. Then all of a sudden remember that episode like in season three whatever also Jonny sack buys a house out in jersey K and Tony's like, you know, I thought you were in New York. This is me I run jersey out here. I'm not gonna stick my beacon. But I'm just saying like if you're the giants you own the city, and now these guys move in Murphy moving like, basically next door. Like the right. There is all like that move on the other side of town up by the ocean or anything dude there, right? Okay. You guys are ruining opening day the spirit of opening days. A fresh start endless possibility. Give time before you rag on the giants don't bring me down. Let's go giants. Sure yesterday, he need to be with us from six AM because we came out as new us, and we were optimistic, and we will playing the Darren Shan audio every hour, then we talked about the fact that Rousseau came in with well Pauley with some high heat talks when he came in waiting time, and we were sort of knocked us off our stride. So we were just being open about the fact that our optimism had been had been sort of brushed back with some Rousseau realism. But that will get back to the optimism because it is opening day. And we owe it to Boji enough said who's joining the show at nine fifteen today. Daily dose of dubs. There was a basketball game last night. We've treated the warrior win today. Like we used to treat like they're twenty eleven games jumping Joe unhappy about this, by the way the night. Kevin Durant had we'll detail at a minute because he was on fire. Not the night. Chicago died the night. Kevin Durant had Vanni Joe with the roads dubs and Boji. Stick around. What do you got myself traffic.

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