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Number ten on this list why your friend never called back That I'm. Grateful. To wonder like, did I say something? Did I do something that maybe they're mad at me. So what about you kyle what's on your list? They like to eat you either for dinner order at a restaurant. Let. Me See. No, that's not. That's good though it. So then you're not on the, you must have over think a lot of things. That is a big one though not what to wear to wear. Number dose. How much to spend on a gift? Number nine what your friends think of you. Is Number Eight. How much to ass how to ask someone for money that they owe you that's stressful. I've had that somebody you money and it is very it consumes you an internet situation. Yes that they'll media post overthinking to maybe should I post? I'll say now I don't like him maybe it's kind of cute I don't know should i. That, no that's not on there. What was not what about to go or not go to an event of some type that's essentially number one. The best way to back out of plans made in then is what I over think quite a bit. Because you want to be invited to the party you're offended if you're not invited to something big but yet, you don't want to necessarily be there and like what if what if I don't go? Is GonNa look bad are they going to be mad at me? What if I do go at the mess? It's a disaster. So, your perfect scenario would be you get invited I. You say, Yes then they cancel the event. That's the best. But it's like I in my experience every time I don't go it's bad news. It's always bad from weddings when I didn't go to wedding was back. From. The I Heart Radio Music Festival you know that kind of stuff you don't go bad you like this most recent iheartradio music festival which was virtual. I was, I'm glad I wasn't a part of it. But, I was pissed I wasn't invited to do it beyond me you just. So I was hurt but at the same time, I'm so glad. Really, confusing try beating my head over. Thought, I mean, I was like, why wouldn't they have? I stress for you but at the same time. I'm really glad believe. But. Anyway, these things about. Dollars like any stress moments where it's like I don't it doesn't. It's like five ten minutes of overthinking it and then moving on right and then later in the day five minutes of overthinking it, and then moving on to is that what do you do that Okay and then and then not only can you over it? You can. You have that third loop where you're mad at yourself for overthinking it? Yeah. That's actually in later life. Do you think yeah. Later in life. Yeah later in life I go and I think about all the things that you were stress about the problems you think you had really don't matter. Nothing think about think about any problem like whatever we were stressed about a year ago. Right? Doesn't matter anymore. It doesn't matter whatever it was. You know you think about all life issues like that time rich lied to me about taking my green tea twelve years ago. Hold on your stressed about it for weeks. But it doesn't matter. It might matter rich because he's still hose against. Your over it. Well enough now and. Then, to never take your green tea now. Unleashed, cow taking by green. Members of my family missing. Anyway those are the things that we worry about. John Rich. And Rich John Rich. I signed a places. That's game pop ten. Marie is our contestant Hello Marie. Good Morning Good Morning said how do we play this game of yours? All right. This is pop ten. So pop culture in ten seconds I will give you a category. You have ten seconds name as many things as you can that category you can get up to twenty points ten points one point five points we'll see so have you you know you didn't do good on the first round you can catch up on the second round all right Murray. Okay. Let's do that. Do this. We're going to go one at a time. John is the first one. Remember you have a countdown three to one and then you have the ten second timer at the end you have a whistle to tell you when to stop. Right John J.. Maybe all the characters from the cartoon SpongeBob. squarepants. Spongebob Patrick God Asthma Patrick. Oh my God I'm the fitness those snail. Powered Larry. Fish. gave the Squirrel. Charlie. God Hamburger, Guy Edward screwed word. Mr Crabs. Gary Gary Dan. You Got Larry The lobster, the price. They're all right there lengthen. Oh, I was such a big part of my life I. Know it's crazy how it still popular cartoon is very popular but it but it's been a while so I haven't. I know it's all right. You got three points. That's good. John J up next rich name artists that have collaborated.

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