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That's Jackie does have a boyfriend the thing with the boyfriend is like I feel like the boyfriend is kind of there as like a distraction for her. It's like here will give you this friend. I don't know. I haven't heard a suggestion of that that I maybe I missed that in the politics or something. But like I haven't heard that suggestion. But like, maybe it seems like it's more like he's this like she's clearly her developments clearly rested at like eight that's number one. Like if you watch your stories, they're like so weird. I know her in scream I don't follow her before. And to what were you told me? There was a second piece of evidence. And you wanna talk about our Instagram. The Heather McMahon thing was was I forgetting like all of my piece of evidence now, but there's Instagram is really weird. She puts up like these really weird videos of her like doing. Fashion shows and like as are my butterfly shoes holiday. I've sent that to you. I don't remember that. But it's like so bizarre. And like, I honestly she is like I think she speaks cly being kind of forced to like take drugs shows wanna take. And apparently she's like so now that I'm like deep into hearing all this. Now, I'm going back and looking at the evidence from like a while ago. And apparently, she like they've been trying been kind of forcing her to do this and making her do all these tours and performed for like two years right now that is that true that she's going to take care of her dad's house. No, she's in a mental facility. I think he's sick. That's true. But I think that it also like it's that's they're just using that as the thing. I mean, clearly, she's not writing this caption. Yes, exactly, the she's not writing her captions like she's I remember these butterflies, and these are my what? Ever. And then she like spins around. Yeah. The weird spinning is like so strange. Okay. She reminds me of. She she reminds me of someone who's literally got their development or us. No. She reminds me of and I'm not trying to make light of situation if you ever seen just. It just yet. I don't remember when. Farris. Please looks like and she goes. Got a can't I feel bad? But she's just like sort of looks at everything. So like my God like with just like a complete like doughy. I'd yet it's kind of like that. But I think there's like a little bit within the ad like sadness, I too I think she wants out. She obviously, I think she wants to perform. But she doesn't like I think the end of the day. She would just wanna go back to Louisiana wouldn't be live with her sister and her and her sons and take care of them listers kids. Yeah. Like make sense. That's what should happen. Like, it's kind of messed up that she's very clearly being forced to do this out or no potsy photos of her. She live house exact she's not really allowed to leave her house. The piece of evidence Heatherwick man pointed this out so again Valia Heather man was like rewatching old watch. What happens live clips, and she found one of salia basically talking about this one time Britney came to her house for lunch and she like. Apparently like revealed accidentally the fact on wash what happens live that she had this whole advanced team coming like sweep her house, and like talk to her to make sure there were no like things around and things like maybe drugs or anything that she could like I don't know send help like write notes says I'm like, yeah. I don't I don't know that. But that this advanced team came in like had her swat team like extremely, yeah. Like feels like weird like the the CIA in like the sixties. Yes. It's like a little weird shit in advance team. Go to Iggy azalea house..

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