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Plagiarize. I thought that interim insight to it because panerabread of course they should do a flat bread. Pizza well bred is their business and i thought this was a pretty good flat bread pizza. I don't know our guests. Are nodding along did you. Did you similarly get this we margarita. Yeah i i thought it was great like the great. I mean it was good really good. All right Every bite was good. It seemed gas in away across. Which is i like that. So that i mentioned redoubt about it too that a lot of sense margarita pizzas. Because it's the fresh mozzarella basil everything like slide off in the i. It seems like a lot of times. that this one did do that. It was like that ingredient for kind of like chops smaller lay that the the basil wasn't like big leaves. It was like all was that. I don't know it was just it. You could buy into it and not all come off together. Which is let's go gap. That's huge i. I'm not in along too. Because i also got the margherita pizza. Wow all three of us got the pizza and guess what my mom and i. We both thought it was good. We the tomato soup. This was our favorite thing. I i want. I went light on the basil and also just to comparatively for that whole pizza. If you ate that whole pizza it would be just as much as a bobble with chicken. Mean seven hundred sixty calories which is crazy right like that is. That is the confusing thing about about that. Those bowls i i don't get it but in that ball again. Was it rice brown rice or in their race in keene. Joaquin came chemo. I think he was surprisingly high in calories. Interesting remember correctly on right after. But hey if. I'm if. I got to choose between the two i'm gonna go with that margarita. Pizza it was. It was really really good as far as like even chain pizzas or whatever you can get it. It's ready in ten minutes and it was and it was. That was impressive. I in my mom. My mom loved it and i was shocked. I you're right nick. Maybe you're right. Maybe that dull notice right. Should i be shocked. I should be shocked. But i was. I was shocked at how good it was. It was it was. It was really surprising. It one hundred percent agree with you mitch. And that's the. That's the rundown of all the food i got. Is there anything that that we haven't touched on a modern christian. The two of you. Yeah we got. We got to talk about the souffles right all signed by you got a couple. You got different. Yeah oh yeah. I got the album which which i. I used to get back when i lived in boston. Massachusetts actually go to the one in. Quincy i remember loving that sandwich. While the one on hancock street that was that was kind of our members kind of knew when i was younger when i was fifteen or sixteen. It was like a brand new place. Remember that only the. That's the what i want to last night. Yeah and and you know what chris. I don't know if i've ever stepped foot in there i. It's because when. When i when i when i when i started when i was i think that was i think. He came around when i was in college. Or you know. Like when i started going to college so probably it's it's twenty twenty years old. Maybe okay yeah i was. I remember being in high school still. And i worked at marina bay which is right around the corner. I remember feeling like it was really good. Because i was like the first time i was like earning money i felt made me feel like an adult kenna. Goldensohn you'd like a sandwich lagging as.

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