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To to be a good pass rusher early in his career and hopefully for his sake develop into a a more consistent all around player but he put up some really explosive numbers mel moneymakers in the secondary i realize a couple of them are still running but we have a lot of times i know there's guises solidified their stock like a denzel ward going four three two who from these corners and safety is a bunch of guys ran pretty fast who who actively moved up a little bit on that keiper big board walikale you'll get that we thought he could any did as giro exander from local under four four had the injury this year but when he was healthy was really good player can help you in the return game ihi euro alexander fda for it under four four athletic corner from alabama solidified his position at least is going to get in that second round discussion josh jackson he was kind of like lorenzo carter in terms that four or five five for carter was a number you probably would have put four or five eight on jackson 455 where he runs four four nine four or five six out of iowa with his length his duck shen i think he'll get his remain where he was in a chicane griffin we got to talk about todd the versatile versatility as griffin great story wall know that but to run 438 same mrs brother did last year fired of that forty yard dash man unbelievable theor 230 is brothers 194 around the same forty four three eight twenty rats i mean it it you want him on your team we were thinking eighty six seventh round todd in the fourth round could you pass them up.

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