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Into New Hampshire ninety five north bound to seeing moderate congestion for just about two miles getting up to the Hampton tolls David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three is lots of sun out there today another warm day sunny skies low humidity high in the mid eighties for the city and and learned a bit closer to eighty at the beaches with that nice sea breeze for tonight mostly clear loner sixty eight not a bad night to get outside enjoy yourself tomorrow mostly sunny a bit warmer than it's been a high again in the mid eighties upper seventies at the beach is a bit more humid and then Sunday that's when it gets pretty tropical out honestly mostly sunny warmer a bit more humid a high near eighty eight in the city and points north and west but feeling more like the nineties the beaches that will stick around in the lower eighties right now in Brockton or eighty two degrees seventy nine in Belchertown seventy nine as well in Newbury port in Boston at eleven OO five partly cloudy skies and eighty one well bipartisan report from the Senate intelligence committee is providing some brand new evidence when it comes to Russia's efforts to interfere in the twenty sixteen election the new Senate intelligence reports as a Russian is likely attempted to find weaknesses in the voting so of all fifty states probing and scanning the voting systems of at least twenty one St according to the report the Russians stole or look at the personal data of hundreds of thousands of voters from at least two states including Illinois the good news is that the US government and states have improved election security with the chili question is exactly why was rush just moving around all those older systems in two thousand sixteen exactly what are they planning for the future and that is ABC's Pierre Thomas reporting meantime lawyers for election integrity advocates in Georgia say officials there destroyed evidence that they say could show election.

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