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The secondary gets chris peterson teams you likes to control the game up front but is is defense a front for plays all behind it and johnson a nice job to sit down and the avoids and again mcsorley uses mobility to escape left side get out of the pocket he's going to bill the play clock here for the rest of the way if he can at that to throw as mcsorely ii contend hours going tucked notes which and output sake barkley in the left last year's angelo garfield gutting inside a doubt with the forty five to get a five and i mentioned the jaunt johnson only one touchdown catch this year for the richard sophomore glass boro jersey but that was the came winter in the final seconds against iowa diet johnson 16th are six catches sixty six yard naveed that cats on the last play the game at iowa back at the end zone mix sorely ordered engineered drive to win that game barkley other read off to takes a handoff one and outsideleft dropped roy again i step with that the trying to get by the defense wants to join around the stop did get the first down they're gonna work a twoyard shy at the 48yardline pick it up three sort out third down coming up at about a yard and we've seen barkley a wildcat some of these situations gas give a tailback for washington's had great success tonight but i wouldn't put it past spent state to slide up behind center sake want barca third want to sound a bit pale here comes the coffee barkley straight ahead no doubt about it got the first down crosses the fifty two the 48yard line of washington so the drive will continue or dow down to three thirty four to go the clock we'll boot once the dow markers are both at that state holding i'll do a seven point lead 35 28 and abuse fresh set it down three thirty two left chris peterson as always no frivolous time out earlier than half he has all three but it's it's time to start youth and up here first down in washington this chances of winning the game dropped drastically you see we could play calling his which sorely is now thirty one of forty six three hundred twenty eight yards it's ironic why at its barkley and.

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