Willie Wilson, President Trump, New York Times discussed on Chris Plante


Well after President Trump announced to deal with Mexico that heads off tariffs on Mexican imports this morning on CNBC. The president denounce the New York Times for reporting that very little about this deal is New York Times wrote a story, like I already made the deal nonsense. We talked about it for months, and months and months, and they wouldn't get there. And we just said, hey, look, if you don't get there, which is going to have to charge you hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes, and we would have been just fun in tweets this morning. The president suggested that Moore was agreed to by Mexico than was revealed in the deal, and he says that will come out at. What the president called the appropriate time in Arlington heart, Arlington heights. Police have charged a forty three year old woman with the murders of her parents, Debra Martin accused of killing her parents David and, and Martin police say they were stabbed to death on the south side of Chicago and off duty Chicago police officer has been charged with DUI police say he caused a crash that, that killed a woman and injured another woman over the weekend in the seventeen hundred block of west eighty seven Streep Chicago businessman. Former mayor candidate Willie Wilson does not like the idea of changing the way that Illinois taxes your income right now. We've got a flat tax, but there will be a proposal on the ballot next November a year from this fall to ask, if we should have a different proposal, which would have the wealthy paying more Wilson says it's a bad idea. He was on with John Howell on wwl. I think. Lunatic. I think if you're going to take their taxes own citizen, why you take and giving it about read Springfield. He's talking about the fact that lawmakers voted themselves arrays Wilson forming a political action committee to mount opposition to that proposal, which is on the ballot. In November of twenty twenty WLS news.

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