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It's a pretty a fun place and they've got you know Kinda like garage door type things that go up so it feels a little bit open air. I love that. That's a really big San Diego County thing especially in the North North County Carlsbad and it was like the open this garage door. And there's like a bar on either side of that garage door and that's exactly how bolt is set up and then bottled craft if you want to taste a lot of different beers from different places. That's a fun spot to go because you can. Just they've got a bunch on on top then you can even And then they have different bottles goals and a lot of them local and different. Just different things you can taste. I really like going there. Because they have different hard Kombucha's so which is fine for me since I'm gluten intolerant. So let's talk about some restaurants. What are your favorite things around here? Well obviously being a little Italy Italian given so I think we'll get there in a minute and I'll kind of give you just some some standard other other options and then we'll we'll make Italian it's on category. Have a bad sounds good Melina Hall Great Place for family. Four if you WANNA watch a game. They've got really big. TV's has been always loves that and they also shuffleboard inside and they have a really very menu they do have pizza on the menu which is Great Eight But they have awesome salads appetizers. Good cocktails beer. It's A. They have tons of seating there always decorate really cool for the holidays too so Nolita the halls kind of like a go to for for my husband and our friends so some other options would be if you went to see more of a date night. Wouldn't say it's a place for kids is cloak and pedal has it's like Sushi Asian fusion definitely higher end. I would say has almost a New York vibe to it. So it's unexpected. They've got this incredible cherry tree in the middle of it. Like the whole place is a work of art and good cocktails good Sushi and different types of appetizer. So definitely If you're into if you're coming coming from east coast and you like later night or you want that kind of herb. Very urban vibe I would say pedals. A great option crack. Shack is an awesome awesome family friendly very casual place. They've also got outside games and things like that but that's very it's mostly chicken there. I've Gotten I. I don't only chicken but I've had different salads there and they're they've always been really great and I think it was started by somebody who was Richard blaze that sounds rights and they've got a crack check that just opened in the last year or two Peninsula Nita's and I went to and I loved it. I was really impressed with it yet. It's kind of a fun atmosphere. It's like I like how they have all the games and it just feels like you can really hang out there. Definitely feel definitely has a very nice viper hanging out. It's awesome for kids and if you go by there on a Thursday or Friday night there's just like tons of kids there and it seems like in a great place to have her family's one insider tip that at least two on behalf of my husband that he tells everyone who third thinking of going to crack check. He says get on their instagram account. And if you see something you think looks good. Just show it to the person WHO's working and say I want that because he says the menu the way it's display doesn't do the food justice so look at what you want on their instagram. And tell the the person who's taking your order. That's what you want on on their instagram. Any other restaurants. I would say if you want Brunch Queenstown. Public House is a great option. They also have a great happy hour. And if you haven't had any food intolerances or ah I wouldn't say necessarily picky eaters but people maybe you're on a special diet or something cafe. Gratitude is super accommodating and has lots of gluten friendly options majority of the items on our menu are Vegan if not all of them so just a great place and they're all they always ask at the beginning. Just anyone have any food intolerances or allergies. And they're careful to. I was really surprised I finally went to. I had heard about this place for years and finally went down there. I was surprised how huge it was too. Yeah and just. There's this fun or lateness about it. It's interesting place. It is and the food was really good. I've never had a bad meal there. So I'm like smoothies and desserts that are all like you know gluten free and all sorts of thing and even my parents who like I said I'm born and raised in the Midwest and so my parents have more of a mid West Palette for sure and they've been very pleasantly surprised every time I've taken them there even though some of the stuff on the menu might sound a little very California. They've all they've always loved it what they've had they're so all right so you said that while we are in little Italy's probably should talk about Italian. Yes and I suppose I'll start with my very favorite place that I'm partial to is. Civic is my very favorite spot i Emma Talian and so I don't know I appreciate that a lot of their way SAF is also Italian talion One time I went there and our waiter was from the same region that my family's from and it was cool. Sean you picture so it was really great experience. The home make their their pasta. They have gluten free options. There never had bill. They're either an. It's an awesome experience. If you want a little more it it's not a I wouldn't call it a casual spot but it has amore casual by than some of the other restaurants in the area if you want more kind of an upscale vibe Benko does a great option. I've gone to been Koto three or four times and I have to say it's one of my favorite Italian place. I was knocked over my how good it was really good the homemade pasta and just they just do things a little differently Definitely definitely the chef is from Milan. I believe yeah. Yeah which makes sense that it has that feel because the different If you've ever been to Italy I would say Civil has more of like a Florentin vibe and Ben Koto would definitely be Milan like the fashion capital. And everything's a little more fancy there and for is a little more it just I wouldn't call it gritties out the right word but like home cooking homeys. I've been to Italy. We went for our honeymoon and I can tell a difference between like you you go to Italy. It's like just the food tastes different somehow. And that's when I went to Bunko. That was what was blowing my mind going. Wow this really reminds me of Italy yes breath totally for so. I can't wait to try US CIPPICO. Nineteen twenty eight. I've got to try that. Maybe even today yeah all right so we can get into new bars or yeah I guess Pars our next all right so I will give you a range of options here. So one of favourite. They don't know if you'd find it easily. Online is false idol. It's a speakeasy style. But if you've ever been speakeasy sale bar it's you know it's it's more exclusive like you gotTa tell there's no sign for it however once you get in the field is not the same as any other speakeasy I've ever been to it has They take like they have a lot of runs and they have a very tropical. Feel at almost feels like you're in rainforest cafe and they have like a waterfall back in there. But it's in the back of craft and Commerce homer which is another great Barr option which is has a very woodsy field offices if your grandfather's home or something and then you you know if you mentioned to the hostess that you WanNa go back to fall silo. They'll take your name if they of space or whatever and when you go back and just like a totally different world the way you just came from which is a really interesting missing experience. So I think that's what I'm loving about seeing all these speakeasy come you know. Come to town. There's several of them. We've been to two of them. I I think that that's the cool thing about them is that they're hidden. And so you have to like be in the know in order to go and usually something. That's out in front and then to get into the speakeasy or in Carlsbad. There's one where you have to knock on the door a certain knack and you have to have a certain passer. I look through and right so so there you go. You're in the know. Now all you gotTa do is there's there's uh-huh a hosted stand right when you walk in to craft in commerce and you can let them know that you'd like to go to false idols. So I imagine easier earlier is easier to get into probably so now probably so. I've been several times. I just can't quite remember what you know what time it was a Water Front Grille waterfront bar and grill It's I think it's Burn San Diego. I think it was I had done some research before we got on this podcast and it said Nineteen thirty three institution that outlasted the waterfront but it still draws crowd coats and they're yeah draw draws huge crowds and personally. I'm always quite surprised by the large crowds at draws. Because I mean the drinks are just fine. It's like what you'd get it a wedding but it is a sight to see that. It's like the Super Bowl bar that everyone still goes to so If you're if you want that or you just don't really you just want to vodka soda or a beer great place to go great especially for happy hour. Yeah play fund music usually like Friday night. It's a lot of throwbacks and things like that. So it's a win. One thing I want to mention is Margaritas. Your San Diego. Maybe have a taste for Mexican food. King and Queen Cantina is an awesome spot for good Mexican awesome. Happy Hour is good. Margarita's that's go to and then another place as that I might mention. It's not necessarily bars but maybe a great way to kind of end and evening out would be stern. Hey Desserts now that is really famous here. It is extraordinary. Very it's almost like there's no words for it because it's six two ordinary it's it's all there in the name it is extraordinary desert however was not in the name of that they also have breakfast lunch and dinner menu which are also amazing but absolutely unbelievable desserts. Yes gluten free options yes vegan options. Yes on the pricier end but trust me. It's it's extraordinary. You should stop there if you're coming to San Diego. You're going to be a little Italy checkout extraordinary desert. Okay so is there any other desert places that you'd recommend yes. Yeah so if you went in July auto I would check out It's called Boboy and they actually have two locations now one of them being in the Piazza and it's in what's called a little Italy Food Hall which I'll just take a moment to mention is a great place to check out especially if you're traveling traveling with a large group that everybody can get what they want and then you can all kind of bring reconveyance it together either outside or inside great place to go And Bobby is in there. They have one location. That's in there with a slightly limited menu and they have another location on Kettner. which each has their you know their full menu do a lot of seasonal flavors of July? And it's amazing. They was originated in the Hoya and now they've just opened these two additional locations and it's awesome they have my husband's favorite is Mediterraneo. And I liked that one but I. I really love to do the Vegan dark chocolate and and they're pursues awesome so definitely check it out if your energy Lada And then Papa Lecco is another place that has got Giuliano and coffee really fun but it reminds me a lot of Italy. Italy where you walk in and you know you see like the cases with like sandwiches and pastries and things. It feels very much like we were blown away. We've only been to a handful of places in all of little Italy. And Papa was one of the first. We had a station here for our anniversary. And so we went in there and we had breakfast and the breakfast was phenomenal. Not they did such a great job. Yep and then my husband loves Italian coffee. Of course but the other thing they're croissants. Oh Gosh there almond filled croissant is like one of the the things that I could just die for the they have a whole range of patients. It really has very much like you feel when you're exactly how it goes some place to check out as well and that's right in the heart of everything as well. I think it's Cedar Street. And then I know we've Kinda taught music but just to recap seems like a lot of the bars at night have a little bit of music. Rights go very far not many silent bars. Yup Italy. You certainly don't need to go far to find find great music and the other thing. Is that waterfront park or write down near the harbour to within walking distance should there tend to be a lot of music festivals. So if you're into that Kinda anything I know there's one coming up we're recording this November. There's one coming up relatively soon. That's kind of more like a reggae type music. So if you're into music festivals check out which ones might becoming to the little Italy area in could spend you know three or four days hanging around here. Well I love Italy and thank you so much for all your help. I'm really excited to explore more more of little Italy. I thought I knew a lot and now realizing how many places I've missed so please subscribe and if you go things to do in San Diego Dot. US you'll find in the show notes which will be very very helpful because both of us were from the Midwest and we talk fast so we're not even a mid west thing people often ask. Ask if I'm from the East Coast because it taught quickly. Yeah exactly so anyway. Thanks for joining US until next time. This is Sherry from things to do in San Diego..

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