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White House data shows. The U. S. Is now highly unlikely to meet President Biden's goal of getting 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated by the Fourth of July, with officials now saying more than 15 million folks will need to get a shot over the next four weeks to make that dream a reality. And a whole new group of Americans could soon be eligible for the shots. Pfizer is now giving us an in depth look at their new testing practices as they administer the vaccine. Two kids ages 5 to 11, with even younger test subjects to come. The CDC recently reported that Covid cases involving teens are on the rise nationally. But Dr Anita Curie, in with MetroHealth in San Antonio says they're not seeing the same trend here. Are we seeing a trend? Similar international national trend? Um, I would say no. She says. Just over 23,000. Teens between the ages of 12 to 15 have received the shot in Burke County, she says the 20 to 29 year olds continue to see the highest positivity rate in the county. The CDC is making it easier for people vaccinated against covid to travel again. A total of 62 destinations are no longer deemed very high risk for Covid that includes Japan, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. All listed at level three. Those who have not gotten a shot are still urged not to visit. The CDC also advises against all travel to level four countries such as Brazil, India and Iraq. Royal Caribbean Cruises are no longer requiring you to show proof of getting a covid vaccination. Originally, the cruise line had planned on making it mandatory that both crew members and guests be fully vaccinated before boarding their ships. However, with both Florida and Texas passing similar laws banning businesses from requiring vaccine passports, Royal Caribbean is now strongly recommending their guests get the immunization. They plan on returning to the U. S this month to set sail. President Biden is flying to England this morning to start an eight day international trip. He'll meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tomorrow before the G seven summit begins Friday, will later take part in the NATO summit and sit down with his Russian counterpart before wrapping up his first foreign trip as president, Vice President Kamala Harris has confirmed she plans to eventually go to the southern border. It has not yet given an exact date for when she'll go. This comes as the vice president returns to the nation's capital. Following meetings with the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico. Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donald's argues that the administration should be more focused on what's happening at the border and stopping the recent surge of migrants. Primary concern is our border.

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