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In acts of kindness acts of love and it seems to all be. We've together with faith. They all seem to have some sort of faith gentleman mark hanna and he. He's a coptic egyptian priest and he's an an united states who's a port authority building engineer and with his crew who subsequently passed away the crew did He was effectively. Rescuing dozens of people on the upper floors and his boss ordered him to assist an elderly gentleman who is eighty nine down seventy eight flights of stairs to get him out an stopping on the twenty first floor. He figured they would just wait there for medics. He came across captain paddy brown of ladder company three. Who told him. No sir you need to evacuate and captain brown. Picked his brain a little bit about the structure because he figured found out engineer. Captain paddy brown continued onto affect rescues and he and his crew were killed but father. He's now mark was able to eat effectively. Evacuate this gentleman. They were the two known last survivors to come out of the tower. He now has dedicated his life to becoming a coptic priest in saint mary's church in east brunswick new jersey. He did this for total stranger and he said he was inspired by his his bosses who died and his friends you know. One of his best friends was an italian manufacture. man was a retired navy. Seal spanich man and he reported melting pot and no one looked at each other day will caller what race. What belief are you. They just a. Hey you're human in need. Let's go and you know we have The story about john fuel on his mission to to help the responders We have a young lady mariah whose whose birth father was on flight ninety three she had not even met him and she had this premonition at someone in her family was killed that day and and her her mom said no. Everyone's fine three years later when she was legally able to find out her dad was. She found out that her dad. Tom was actually on that plane as part of the lateral team. And we have gentlemen robert burke. Who's an actor sweetheart. A man he's a gentleman and he's a very very popular actor in hollywood on rescue me. Blue bloods gossip girls. And am bobby. My friend as i call him is is a volunteer firemen. Now this doesn't need to get out of bed at three o'clock in the morning and help people with a stroke or burning garage or burning house. But he does because he wants to cause his best friend was captain. Patty brown and his other best friend has fallen. Michael judge who was our chaplain who was killed. Literally blessing victims at the site had just given last rites the firefighter i mentioned earlier. Danny who was killed and father. George was in the lobby of the building. Giving a blessing. Praying god please stop this and he was struck by debris and he was killed and bobby goes on to elaborate about the judges story. Father judge the walk the streets of new york city helping aids patients with whatever they needed and he was a franciscan friar they wear sandals and a rope..

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