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Balance of fifteen billion dollars lawmakers will debate whether the dip into the economic stabilization fund to pay for bills coming due for the last two year budget period, including hurricane Harvey recovery. And in the upcoming to your budget cycle now. Let me say this so far, I know wanting you listen to program because you went the lace on the vet school. There's a lot out there right now with public education and with hurricane Harvey in believe me event school's gonna take a back seat to both of those things. The funding for it in whenever you look at the higher populations. And where you look at where the presumptive new speaker lives where the Lieutenant governor's from where the governor's fund from those are all hurricane Harvey areas. And so you better believe that Harvey we have in there's a big there was a big thing today in Amarillo with Lubbock mayor with the Lubbock chamber commerce playing up the. The vet school in some contributions towards it. But realist, you gotta see hurricane Harvey a huge issue in hell, that's not being cleaned up yet to the extent that people want cleaned up meaning all things made right? Still a problem out. There advocates for greater investment in public schools reacted positively to the revenue estimates saying lawmakers have no excuse not to increase spending, given a growing budget in unprecedently larger savings account.

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