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There may be some you know wanting in these stuff. There won't be in the studio today. Mike trudell lions are now now now. It was supposed to be originally. This is supposed to be a three man. We've leave and then ireland declared that you and i were coming in for crosstalk which also known as purgatory thank you and because you and i were sitting in the dugout in the bullpen and then apparently brank him and eski heard that like his name wasn't called right by ireland so he decided to go to popeye's apparently and get some chicken and is currently in traffic update. He is at the drive thru now could we couldn't get post mates for the popeye's. He hit a post once a fresh. She's sandwiches so we may check in with c._k. In a moment to see what's happening. I i saw one article on this but apparently they're. They're this new chicken. Chicken sandwich that is threatening chick fil a.'s chicken sandwiches to thing. I don't know ben. I it's august and in the internet is undefeated right. That's what happens in this country. Now we become consumed with some things something takes off now. It's popeye's chicken sandwich. How many times brian cashman's cabinet skis life has been overlooked or not included and as a result. He's just stormed off and i think that's probably what happened so i wasn't picked on the team papa exactly now what i was going to start with his. I need you to temper my emotions a little bit about calcutta because i've so it's the point of the n._b._a. Calendar were not much is going on. Thankfully we have the you basketball world cup exhibition stuff in leading up to the china actual world cup this time of year and the n._b._a. Where they mcmenamin goes to nicaragua ramona shelburne on the grease tour however kacoos mo has been kind of quietly playing pretty well and playing within a defined find role that actually fits perfectly into what he should be doing for the lakers this year. He's drilling threes. He's cutting back door for labs. He's playing defense. He's getting up on transition. He's he's not forcing shots. He's doing everything within the popovich system. It's like oh wow i can see exactly how this will work around anthony davis around the broad james especially especially considering the absence of demarcus cousins and my own not at all man i've been saying for the longest at the lakers need to elevate veigh kyle kuzma position him as their third star. There wasn't a need to go out and find a third star. When you already had one in house i mean they used to watch dude play when he played at utah. Doc is from there and he has an attitude and a swagger of a superstar.

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