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Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Being read, and here's Dave Johnson. No, it won't people last time. Redskin Tech coach Rod Rivera is asked the question. I mean the big one Monday on Chicago's 6 70 the scores, McNeil and parking show. Do you think your football team's name should change? I think that's a discussion for another time and again. I feel that guy that's my age. My era. You know, that was always part of ah of the name of the Washington Redskins. But Rivera also stressed the importance of listing the players. On off field issues, and that includes Dwayne Haskins, who Rivera also wants to see on the field. And that's why he did not go after signing Cam Newton would have been very hard to bring a guy in who has the solid career who the league MVP at one time and expect the young guy together chances to grow, so I just felt that you know, because of our circumstances, we could we could play the slow and that means Dwayne Haskins gets his chance. Ah, virtual summer camp for N BA to K Wizards district Gaming is about the whole one. Andrew McNair. I was director of E sports for body metal, sports and entertainment, just like kids who play basketball or football or baseball. You know you want them Dobby to get good at the sport, because that's fun, But you also kind of want to teach them those life skills and how to be a part of the team. And so for us, this is You know an opportunity to do that. For kids who may be more more focused on gaming into K, then they are sort of the traditional sports world and Maura The Wizard's district gave in camp in my story I w th b dot com Dave Johnson, Never you till be sports Still to come? Why son George Washington University students are cheering today. It's 8 16 Okay.

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