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Real thing with fans in the stands for the first time this season, I'm Charlotte Breeze. Commonweal saw it. Second highlight State Daily Corona Virus Case Total Thiss weekend first time since April. Bad things happen, and Philadelphia now has its own tour. I'm Andrew Kramer. Speaking of bad things happening in Philadelphia, The Eagles are currently down 24 to 6 headed to the fourth quarter down at the link against the Baltimore Ravens. It's currently partly sunny and 66 degrees could Sunday afternoon. I'm J. Scott Smith in our top story at 3 30. A new reality life in a pandemic. Now the latest from K Y W NewsRadio. Eagles fans are back in the stands this afternoon in South Philadelphia for the first time since the Corona virus pandemic began tickets at the link. We're limited due to restrictions, but as we hear from one of the Charlotte Reese, the energy was unlimited. The birds better get used to really crowd noise because fans are back when Greg Carol saw that city officials and the Eagles owner gave the green light he didn't hesitate. No question serious. I got the call from Jeffrey Laurie that he needed me. I bought the tickets, and I was right here. There are Corona virus guidelines in place like social distancing and seating pods, and Gray says she's happy about that. But I think the organization knows how to play it safe and everyone has to wear a mask. So I think they're eliminating the fanbase. Lincoln Financial Field is capped at 7500 people, including staff players, coaches, fans, etcetera in South Philly, Charlotte, Risque Y. W News radio. It was a record day for covert cases in the Commonwealth on Saturday, we'll have that update Coming up on K y w News radio Right now It's 3 32 when it is time for traffic.

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