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Blink of an app but then there's other times he often spotters right there glenville state looked as if they were back in control it is football game they march right down fail get into the end zone few plays therein the drop before at the series before that where's your office assist so mindboggling we expect that a lot of passes in this game last year the teams combined the put the ball in the air one hundred thirteen times and lee four you'd be a wise is twenty seven of forty four johnson's over three so forty seven past attempts four uv wise in this contest and carbon so far is fifteen of 48 for awhile that's a low percentage airolo growth for over three hundred yards i guess if you have that many opportunities you should throw for that many yards it'll much more were up around a one hundred passive temps in this game again back on get the wants thirteen like last year we'll who knows maybe if glenville gets the ball back here's the onside kick attempt it's a free paul it looks like the pioneers had a shot at it as it rolled out of bounds on the sidelines i don't think anybody recovered at two bill players had a shot at it after it flew high in the air but it went out of bounds without any buddy recovering it almost harpic execution it was struck well his you want us to balance high over the first wave of uv a wipe wise players which it did and it was kind of a a free ball there her a couple of seconds now we've got a flag as well i think we've had one hundred ten penalty in this game and speaking of that all psychic on a high school level the new rule changes in effect if you try to go ahead and get that bounce to get the sky kick the rough is going to throw flag so i guess it's for the protection of the players what how else that you kick and i'll check it that's that's the stretch always been this rather i write for one hundred years get it up over there guys to your guys have a chance to run under it said to roles big go up and get it.

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