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I'm Bob Williams in the traffic center real Linda Boulevard Marysville Boulevard reports of a fire there and it looks like the person that started the fire is that being seen as spotted right now so hopefully they will get him quickly into custody yes I have that as a state not cool we're dealing true with a collision highway twelve your terminus road this is going to be act east of highway one sixty involved a big rig and a couple other vehicles look like we're primarily giving slow down on the eastbound side westbound lanes have re opened work tonight on highway ninety nine south bound the Gulf area reduced lanes Amador Avenue over crossing the San Joaquin county line southbound ninety nine reduced lanes from grant line road to Dillard road and from dealer road to grant line road on the northbound side still seeing some heavy traffic approaching Dillard right now I. five we're going on a nine some slow and heavy traffic as you work your way past four on road towards fruit ridge road with reduced lanes from just south of florin road to the fifty connector tonight also the floor road on ramp is going to be closed northbound five on the southbound five watch for possible reduced lanes from highway fifty the foreign road and the southbound side of the road on ramp is close also reduced lanes on northbound I. five tonight that's going to be from highway ninety nine the power line over crossing that goes on through five AM traffic every ten minutes mornings and afternoons next update at nine oh three Bob Williams news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. we'll see a partly cloudy sky for today only Lowe's fifty three to fifty seven degrees tomorrow a warm day with some sunshine highs eighty.

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