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Your love spin to be on my lips take a little thin privacy to shoot crazy flourished, a figure that's my That's my type. That's my type eight months bagel. That's the type Provided writing down night operation a figure that's right, Frank. That's my Hey, this bagel. That's right. That's my life. Thinking of the last trick Got my which been thinking I had a but she had me in the long run. It's just my luck Stop. One based on life living scandalous time games like my religion, you could be voted with the dog and start you with this sweet scrub Some love and very close to you Stand like you want it. Maybe if you got a better friend, let the liquor help you get a bonus. I'm still 50 from last night hoping the walls as opposed to the fast life. I tried to honor but you take saying you ain't impressed with the money you make. It gets true What they're telling me out of jail like hail from a black Celebrity. So that's the reason why maybe you wouldn't fantasies of a sweating cannot hit it A drip into the things you do is still true. What I'm saying is, this is all about every other week Go every other so the West no matter where I go while still Yeah. Every soul of man. No matter where I go doesn't mean others. Football girl was longer. Want her get all the rest won't hurt how to risk slaughter? Yeah. Her high risk, smarter water. All the respect, slaughter. Want her all the risk is water. If I was being I'm gonna pay for some friends. I'm gonna pay for some friends. If I'm just saying I'm gonna pay for some friends. I'm gonna pay for some friends and I got to pay for some friends. Let me play with some friends from the span shot to break your friend. God, I'm chugging away. I'm gonna write to you like juvenile with that back home. You want to risk pay your table terra bathroom when we go something? You want me to buddy back home? You don't like it when I hop out with that bag on you don't like it wasn't much of my tongue. That's the only way where I can get you home. I got what you want. I know what you want. Want to restrict? Come, I pull up on the wall. I want to wish coming from your mouth. But forget about that. Listen to that all the risk, Mr Louder wrist, they launched it. The ladders out of snow auction. What you say on her kick other receivers longer Want her? Get all the response long her. Can we gonna stop owner? All the risk is water. Yeah. Want her risk? Voter? Yeah. Want freed all the rescue hurry from the screen on her. See, I hold up in a car in the dry Anybody got through my want to fight me outside. Fight me outside might be outside used to say I pulled up in the car. The drive..

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