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You still need some selling in the news feed and what we refer to as an explainer video. This is a different type of video than the teaching pitch so we probably wouldn't use the teaching pitch in that particular case we will use more explainer videos. Quick short stuff but still like today have a sales funnel they kind of do to increase their average order value. There are hybrid. they sell that upfront. And then on the back end. There is two different up sells for two different products which are sort of add on to the original shelf so in that case that's an ideal customer for us because we know that we can increase average order value like doing consulting on the back end can also enhance. The sales page can also do all kinds of other video assets on the front end. That would be an ideal ecommerce customer for us to work with. Would that work on google shopping. I don't know. Can you get their attention. Could you get somebody to click to understand all that kinda like yours. Waddling babies in customer might be a little harder to do so. There is a case for and against potentially a sales funnel or modified sales fall. When you just said something to that maybe this is a semantic argument. But like you mentioned the order bumps. After the fact i never thought of ordered bumps a sales funnels and if order bumps our sales funnels than i am now prosales phone because i think every commerce on the planet should have ordered bumps. I've got a buddy Pro scott cunningham. Over at socialite. And i forgot the percentage but it was like the majority of the profitability that they were creating for these case. Study clients if his all came from order bumps so they're selling the product just to liquidate the traffic costs and the order bump is where they're making their money. So there's my question for you is an order bump a sales funnel. Well they have in their case they have ordered bumps and they have a one time offer after they actually purchased so there is an order. Bump the misspoke. There's an order bump on the actual cart itself which is little check box. Get this and actually click over to their site right now to see what the order bump is and then after they purchased then there is a one time upsell which you know through. I think it's infusion soft. Or the i forget which they actually have. They then are allowed to upsell on that one time offer for you know super specific finish or a coupon to get this certain type of armament like that kind of stuff so it is definitely a sales funnel. It's a modified one. At least it's a small funnel but then there's you know there's upsell pathways after that. There's additional products that they can purchase typically through email. So is an order. Bump part of a funnel i would say yes. It is because there's some thought to increasing average order value. At least it's one. It's one tactic that you can use. Because at the end of the day like a sales funnel is to convince as well as to enhance average order value so you can are willing to pay more for customer especially in an increased competitive world especially in the platforms that we deal with primarily and obviously google as well so is that a sales funnel. I would say it's more than just sending them to a sales page or just to a product page rather and nothing because at least you have the opportunity to enhance that average order value. And like you said..

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