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Cast. Thank you all so much for talking to us. They bill thank you for having us. Thank you again to Lexi. Jade Petty John Meghan Stott Gavin Louis Jordan Elsa for sitting down with me and I speak for everyone when I say re specked it is not just any cast that can bring this level of performance opposite. Carrie Washington and Reese Witherspoon and the cast absolutely destroys and the material that they're performing is no joke either both authors Celeste ing and the little fires everywhere writer's room tackle every conceivable issue in the world of this story so to hear a little bit about writing episode one. Oh seven and building that engine between me and Elena to a climax I got to speak to writer Harris. Dano let's hear some of the conversation I'm Harris. Dano and I was a producer on the show and I wrote episodes seven picture-perfect so when this episode areas people will have in theory just washed it. And if you haven't watched it at spoiler alert So when you were writing this were there specific parts that you're like oh. I can't wait to write the scene where they're scenes where you're like. Oh I'm kind of nervous. How do I approach this or yeah? What was your mindset going into it. I think it was really excited to write. That reese and carry bathroom. Scene happens early in the episode Because they hadn't had screen time together. I think for a couple of episodes until that moment and while that's a great scene I'm proud of how it came out There are other scenes that I wasn't thinking of quite that way that when I watch episode now are are much more meaningful to me When thinking about the episode wasn't really thinking about is the all that much but when I watch episode. Now she's it's such a huge episode for her. Yeah and and I don't know I'm very proud about how her scenes came out. I it yeah. It's it's written incredibly. Well she performs the hell out of it. Megan like Kells at like. Yeah at that whole people will definitely have a lot to say about Izzy storyline in this episode. It's really exciting. So I I wanted to ask you. Specifically because this is a show that centers around women's stories and a lot of different types of women and the themes of motherhood but behind all of that in sort of subtly influencing. Some of. That is the show's concept and approach to masculinity where I feel like comes out mostly through the Richardson men. Were you've got Josh? Jackson IS BILL. And you've got Moody and trip as well. And all three of them had their characters pretty significantly deepened and explored in the show. And so I'm curious about your experience with that specifically And then also just what were those conversations like in the room of finding okay? What do we want bills character to be saying? Because he didn't do too much the Burger. Yeah there were conversations. I think about bill in particular. I think in the next episode. When you watched the finale you get I think how we thought about Bill's relationship with Elena as a husband as a man really comes out in the next episode So excited for people to see that but we were very much aware of Especially bill in particular this being a show about women and mothers and wives. What is a man's role in this and yeah and I think you can watch bill through everything you've seen so far and he's kind of takes a hands off approach anything. It's kind of like Elena. This is your problem in like. I'll I do my part but you know I let you make all the decisions. He can wash his hands of the whole thing. And you know Elena can you can be the crazy one and I can be the same one even though you're doing ninety nine percent of the work here right and I very much aware that can you talk about in the round table that you wrote that eventually got cut out That it seems was pretty well loved in the room What what was seen. There was a scene of bill going to pick up. Izzy has this moment with Mea where she's basically thanking him in a way. I don't think she says the words. Thank you. But there's this realization that you had you could have destroyed me By bringing up this might pass that That I've been so desperately keeping secret decided not to. And why and I think it was like you don't have too many moments between bill and MIA And I think that's why I missed it and it wasn't it a were built says something effect of it doesn't matter we're GonNa Win Anyway but also this acknowledging that you know ruining your life isn't GonNa make my life better and besides we were going to win. I need to do it but I thought it was a nice moment between to them but I totally totally understand why that's taken out. There's no room and then my last question is about Moody and I really really really liked the direction that y'all chose to go with him kind of challenging. I think stereotype that is very well recognized of like the good guy gets the girl and in in this story where at this point we know that. Pearl is not interested in him and that way and seeing the retaliation that takes place. Where where did that come from why? I think it's in the book. It's in the book but we were totally aware of that and listen. The truth is that I probably related most of all the characters to easy and Moody Moody in particular. So I I because I feel like I was that Guy I don't think I was quite as I didn't think I did all the things that Moody did Which you will see just just that mentality and I think it was very important for us to to for everyone feel like they're really rooting for Moody and to see what happens when A boy that doesn't get his way and the way he responds and Yeah absolutely there's a sense of entitlement going on there. Yeah you owe me. I been so good to you. I've been so nice to you to the point where I feel like even audiences are kind of conditioned to be like. Oh of course Pearl has to go. Yeah when it's like. Well no what does she want you know. Yeah and it's like you know He's entitled to be upset about it. I mean who wouldn't be right? But but how do you take that out on? The other person I think is is the question how men take it on women who reject them. Yes which is like a fascinating discussion that we don't see happen enough with people that you would see in the normal world. It's usually you know like this big looming villain that no one's ever actually met and this is like no. This is a kid that you have known And Yeah just seeing. That plan was really. Yeah and if you think about sort of you know for the hundred years now or whatever Particularly when I'm thinking about the movies I watched growing. They're all written almost entirely all written by guys like me. Who were probably like pretty nerdy or certainly wasn't the guy who was Attracting all the girls in high school and so so many stories. We've been conditioned to watch about like these boys who who are just these underdogs sweethearts who are trying to get with the popular girl. And and in the end she sees him for the prince that he really is and it's weird revisionist history. It's all like it's all nerd white way wish fulfillment and so. I'm glad you said that I hadn't thought about it in a while. But we were very much aware of how Moody was GonNa React and again it wasn't celeste books. She she handles it. She a beautiful point there. Thank you so much for coming in.

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