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And then we went and did something with Tom Warner who's the owner one of the owners the Red Sox. And he gave me a Liverpool hat, and we talked about Liverpool. It was really interesting until I was like, okay, I'm a liver like a full on Liverpool fan and then met my current boyfriend. Who is a huge Liverpool fan, which I didn't know. And so now I have like a person to watch with. And so, you know. Person that will make me wake up at seven. When I'm like, maybe we could just skip this one. No, we can't. But I this this year was the first year. I mean last year a little bit. But this year, I was like, okay. I'm a love this. I think I said something to you once about like that's how I know that I'm a real fan now is like they scored a goal or celebrating. And my the first thought that popped into my head was like a love these boys is my boy loves like I've never thought that about Liverpool before I was like, oh my God. I love these boys. And I was like, okay, cool. I'm in and look I've said this every time I talk about Liverpool. I'm like, I'm not the most informed soccer fan. I'm not the biggest soccer fan. I'm not even the biggest Liverpool fan. But just I enjoy watching them. Enjoy the way they play. I love your Klopp. I think he's wonderful. And it just is. I think they're a great team. Now, of course, people will call me a bandwagon fan because they're good now. And they weren't for a while. But I've been watching them from like six seven years six years just more intently over the last few years, I told you it wasn't interesting story. He asked the question, you're looking at me like, you know, just as as like a true die hard fan. I can see why people would say that you might be bandwagon. You know, who's your favorite little bit fit? I mean only the wrong accent. It is. No, it's not say, I know. I know that it's right because I'm such a big Liverpool. Right. Right. And I have been for gosh. I've never walked alone ever. Wow. That so that. Jay, how did you get into a you actually been interesting story how you got into mid city. So again, it's like people are like bandwagon fan, but we're gonna think of cities been good for like the last five years or whatever you were from from the nineties. Yeah. My dad used to travel to London all the time for work, and I used to play soccer when I was growing up like every little kid does. And I remember can you bring me a jersey back from England. This time didn't town from London. And so my dad was like, okay, cool. I'm sure it was like, my mom brings something home for the kids and Nordea is full name Nordic Norbert Morten. But he goes by naughty, naughty, he's the man. Shouts dead. So get dad brought me home a man city jersey because they were like ten pounds and men United. We're like a hundred pounds. So he was like heavy for shirt. The kids aren't going to know the difference and late of that fandom. He didn't realize what it would cost me for the ninety four until two thousand and seven. But so he thought he was getting you a Man United. And he got you minutes. He didn't realize there were two that said Manchester, and he got the cheaper one that right? John Nordea Nonni by nature. And so I have been a fan of them ever since. And it was a lot of long years. I think there were leaked to listening to the story. I yawn. Was the button. The question was about like, how do you? How do you? How is it? Okay. To like say you're a fan now. And that was not that. Nobody. No, no. It was how did you come to support? Was trying to extrapolate. Okay. I mean, if it's interesting go for it. I just know like Nordea, Ben nature. Not because I hate because I hate. Hey, kate. I think we're ready. So I was thinking like. Go ahead. I think that it's I think it's first of all the cool that people want to get into it and second of all that like you should be able to..

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