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Seven seven seven. Welcome back to the fan. Laurie Rubinsohn here with you break up the Mets they hit five hundred as they head out to the west coast for big series against the best team in the National League the dodgers to talk about the Mets we bring in Tim Healy from Newsday. Hey, tim. How are you? Excellent. Thanks. How are you? I'm doing. Well, thanks, so. All right. For the Mets. You never know which, which way, they're heading and what to believe at the moment. They're playing well but they head out to Los Angeles to face the dodgers four-game series. And they open up with Jacob degrom on the mound. Let's start there with is Tomasz Neto. Jacob degrom personal catcher for the for the moment. And, and should he be that's actually a very interesting situation because a little over a week ago in Miami? Nikki Callaway was adamant that nobody was going to have a personal catcher and things weren't going well enough for the Mets for anybody to deserve or demand, a personal catcher. But then, of course, grounds previous start this past homes. Dan, he's match with them up Neto today Wilson, Rommel's clots tables around most was the Mets catcher, which suggests that must need a we'll catch tomorrow. So if been went to Neto catches tomorrow, I look forward to asking Mickey Callaway. Hey, you know what the deal is going to be a regular thing because at this point, you know, if nito indeed is in there tomorrow, it does look like he's going out of his way to, to share those together, which makes sense because they do work, so well together, I try not to put too much stock in catcher ERA because it's not really a great stat. But it's it's hard to deny a lot like when Jacob the ground for whatever reason last year was so good with them as. Rocco once the Mets acquired, Missouri co this year degrom is very good to Las Lido. So it's a weird thing. But at this point, if you're the Mets, you should take whatever advantage real or perceived, you can get now has I understand Wilson. Rama's just hit a few home runs, but overall on the season has his offense been. Been such an advantage isn't such an advantage that, that the Mets should not be looking to do something like get Neto into the into lineup more if there are, let's say to Graham, and even maybe Noah Syndergaard, a couple of pitchers who prefer throwing to. This season. So far has been disappointing. Yes. Obviously get a pretty good weekend. Those tool and went on Saturday. Oh but I don't think his disappointing offense. So far is enough to warrant. Tomasz Neto playing more frequently I if you want to kind of arrange things, so that they can catch Rahm shirt. I get that. Absolutely. But really you signed walls around those because one he's good at hitting and you haven't had a catcher that is good. Hitting a really long time and historically, at least he's good at throwing out baserunners in the Mets had somebody who's in control the running game like that in several years. So at this point, you still need to rely on, we'll surround Los in record and Bank on him coming around which knows this weekend was, you know, glimpse of that Tomasz Neto really his, his, his ceiling, probably, as, as a backup catcher, not so much, the, you know, fifty fifty foot soon guy on. So I think what the Mets have been doing with his almost taking fish oil is the right call and you know it's up to the player to play up to a standard. We seen so much with the Yankees this season all these fill in replacement players playing so well, the Mets lately, have had a lot of injuries, and it seems every day, there's a different player coming and going, and yet the you know, as you mentioned, whether it's Wilson Ramos, or some of the others, jed, jed Lowrie a free agent hasn't even played some of the better bigger name players, maybe have struggled or not played as well. And some of these guys off the street suddenly, contributing today, Dany Maria with a with a three run opposite field home run, and that seems to becoming a thing here. So. Of when you look around whether it's Etcheveria and Carlos Gomez and all of these players. How much of how much is some of these fill ins who among them? Do you feel like are sustainable in terms of making a real contribution to the Mets the season? Well, that's an interesting question because of all the injuries right now as sort of force some of these guys onto the roster because the Mets don't have any other choice. So today, for example, Michael Conforto came back, and we saw them move on from Rajai Davis. Had that dramatic home homerun Uber ride and all that fun story for day. But the reality is rising Davis is at this point is career. That's the sort of player. He is kind of waiting in the wings for, if there's a need at the major league level. And when the injured players come back, he's, he's, he's a guy that a luck we'll see what happens when, you know, macneil Nimmo come back, and those guys are McNeil's closer than Nimmo for sure. But, you know, it it's always a hypothetical. Oh, when the Mets are fully healthy, what will arrive and, and that, that never happens, you know, there was a, a case a couple. Two weeks ago when we bought Lowry with about to return and the question was oh, are they going to send you own Davis, which sounds silly now or Etcheveria, or Braxton who is still a team and they never had to make that decision because lower he got hurt again? And he's still, you know weeks away as far as those fillings of aiding impact this week, and who can, you know have a longer stretch with the team, I think at any edge of a refit that mole, especially because the Mets seem as its into carry and play Lewis ski or may, you know, in only good idea to have Ahmed resort was literally, you're only shortstop on the roster. But also to me, Aaron ulcers are really interesting player, who has disappointed this year for the Phillies and you know what the giants for a hot second. But you think about what one lagaras has been the last couple of years kind of defense I fill in. You know, maybe starting it's other players are hurt. And then the Mets got John, Braxton in January, kind of thinking that Brock's could be that sort of player for the next couple of years, obviously, that didn't work out the Mets moved on, but also has several years of team control. So if he can figure out how to be somewhat productive. Useful player in the part time role which has been his problem. The past couple of years that I can see him being an actual quality player for the but yeah, the, the bottom line is these, these films players are fillings, for reasons, so as much fun as this week has been for the Mets. They'll be better off when they get their first graders back Fisher speaking of which have questioned from follow on Twitter, wanted, the updates specifically on the squirrel house. Jeff Neal doing. And when can met fans expect to see him back in the lineup. Well, it sounds like he's still doing well. They is hamster issue was minimal that. The Mets didn't even bother with an MRI before putting him on the disabled list. So they don't think it's that serious at all. Jeff macneil himself was hopeful that'll be just a ten days. So if things go well in coming back for the weekend series in Arizona, this, this road trip, they go to LA for four and then Harrison for three him coming back in Arizona seems feasible at this point. But, like we said with Larry a couple of minutes ago, you know, that actually, you know, you have to actually see that to fruition before, really banking on anything. And another question. I'll also I think an interesting one that a follower, asked me, which is what, what do you, see as the Mets long-term plan for Dom Smith? I think inevitably dumped be traded. He's done very well this part time role and depending on how the season goes, I don't know that trade -sarily will come this season. I think he's expendable for them because if Pete Alonzo. So whether it's near the trade deadline is the Mets try to add or this winter, when there is a bigger picture. Retooling the roster. I think Dominic Smith future is not with the Mets of the Mets, of course won't admit that publicly and they, you know, praised him appropriately for all the good work. He's done kind of transitioning to pinch hitter defensive replacement role. But as long as unless pita, Lonzo drops off dramatically in its production and get figured out by major league pitching Dominic Smith doesn't really have a role long-term on the meant. So it'll be best for the individual. And for the team to work out a mutually beneficial trade there at some point. Have you ever been around team that where it seemed like the mood and the pendulum on the team swung? So much as it does with, with this Mets team where it's a sweat, by the worst team in in baseball this, essentially trying to lose in the Marlins, then they turn around and come home and, and win what like. Go, what six one, you know? So. Ed. They may be bad teams. Also. But they went six and one and suddenly, the narrative is a little bit different around Mickey Callaway. Have you ever seen it? Swing as as violently as it does with these Mets. Probably not. And I think the last two weeks, I've been a great example. But even thinking back to the beginning of the season, they go six and one on their first road trip or five and one on their first, bro trip, nine and four to start the year. And then they go back to being mediocre, which extended through that Lamey weekend, then this whole there, suddenly, six to one again. So they ever pretty streaky roller coaster team so far. It seems which isn't necessarily conducive to long term success, but I think if you're the Mets at this point, you know, considering where they were exactly one week ago five to New York after getting swept by the Marlins. Not sure what was going to go on with the manager. Then yeah, you're absolutely take six and one. And I just mentioned. Are bad teams. But if you're going to get to the play offs and the Mets are a long way from doing that. But if you're going to get to the playoffs, you have to beat up on the bad teams which have been good at all season aside from last week in Miami that being the this change exception. But you're, you're right there, a lot, a lot of flings. There's a tangible difference in the clubhouse from, you know last week the Miami to this, this past home stand that just wrapped up. So safe to say they're having a lot more fun now and make Calloway admitted it, you know during that national series when you win games. There's a different air at different vibe in the clubhouse. And, you know, I think success breeds more success. It's a lot more fun to come to work. When you're doing a good job. All right. I think it's more fun when the when the squirrel is back. So personally looking forward to that one. Have fun out on the west coast. Enjoy Shevess ravine and Tim. We'll catch up with these sounds good. Thank you very much, twelve forty time for not.

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