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Well, I mean, you know, without according to many estimates, without without the fiscal boost that we've seen in 2020 activity in 2020, with maybe have been lowered by 8%. And we're only down 2 to 3%. So that gives you a bit of a sense of the scale of the big role it's been playing. I think I think we need the gap that needs to be filled. The bridge it needs to be put in place is of a similar order of magnitude over the next few months. But we're talking about some of the plans you like. You could compare like some of the plans of democracy democracy side versus Democratic senators of the Republican A gap between those plans could be in the order, you know, 234% 5% of GDP, So I'm not sure if it's all needed to respond to movement, but in terms of old alot of them. Shift the words a greener economy on understanding that could be coming with this. The older men you were talking about. We used to be debating about half a percent GDP. We're talking about 5% of so Johnny. There's a question here at this point. If you said that this is getting riskier at this point, given the lack of fiscal support, do you trade this or do you simply look past this to January? 20th? If there is a new administration in any kind of fiscal spending, then So we'll need to see her so far so far in the new slow, Ah, and the tweets and everything eyes being digested on. We'll need Thio. See what What's next? If we were to be in a world where there's no physical agreement before the election, and that cross Teo and some some measures being taken early in 2021, I think it would be a material change to our our village. And as a result, we wouldn't need Thio revise some of our views on on US equities. For instance, BlackRock brought out the heavy guns a year ago. Almost a year ago to the day was Simon Juan's leadership in London. A guy named Stanley Fischer. A guy named Felipe killed LeBron a guy name a woman I should say named Helga bars you as well and you talked about policy coordination. What will be the catalyst now to get to that policy coordination? Well, I think we've crossed the Rubicon in many ways already, In our view, you know what we seen tweet when he is nothing short of a policy revolution. You know, even some of the heads of the corporate bonds, Filipina and, for instance, are already a form of coordination between fiscal and monetary policy. I think going forward. Moreover, uh, with the massive increase in deaths that we've seen them that was required. There will be a force coordination in any case because When the time comes to start thinking about normalizing policies for this year, But when the time comes, um calculus off thinking about the best service ink costs that this implies, would be pretty real. And that again, the Morpheus or, you know, illusory are less tangible fear of inflation. That's what they would need towards, you know, be careful and raising race. To avoid parting tears on the death side. And so that's already coordination in action. So we think we're across the river and we already know you will John. Fantastic. Get you on the program to kick things off this morning. Thank you, Sir John, head of the BlackRock Investment Institute overnight. Some Kinjo was intel questioning the handoff from monetary to fiscal and I think he's right to in the last couple weeks. In Europe. Where is that recovery fund? Still not deployed in the UK can already see the chancellor issue soon at pulling back a little bit, and in the United States now agreement there's no question about it. I mean, you know what? Call it what you want a Calvinist eerie or austerity. Whatever the Vogue is effect is John. As you say it's evident country to country. Coming up on the program lawyer to President Trump and former mayor of New York City Really, Giuliani will be joining us in about 15 minutes time, right here on, Bloomberg heard on Bloomberg radio scene on Bloomberg TV. This violence.

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