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Thanks to face the continued support of this show and relief so speaking of getting out of your house. You and edina got out of your house. Big time big house out of house. Contra was a house we left that house all right. So my wife was born in romania and therefore has a low of romanian friends and family That she has not seen since on that. Neither of us have seen since february. Twenty twenty phil. We all have those stories. you know. that's the thing. I would say that in my opinion not everybody has had to go through what she has had to go. Through in that regard. I know a lot of people that at least to see one person in the family right. Oh yeah i mean. I know there will be people listening to show that live the life that she lived where she left our country right now and went somewhere else. And in most instances. That meant that you didn't get see people for a long time. I know some people will have taken advantage. Maybe in the summer and it seemed like things. I can't and under control but we never really took that and that was mostly because a sings. We're getting a bit better here. They want in romania and we were concerned about The way that things were were there and basically we got to the point where we made the decision that once we were Vaccinate at we would go because it's been too long now so we had started to look flights In august and we made a couple of bookings and they kept getting cancelled with the airline and basically we were trying to go in august and the ellen that we were using effectively said that they will not going to be traveling to remain eerie august. All and we really wanted to go with this airline And so what we decided to do. I mean the reason why is because we had vouchers from a previously council. Twenty twenty today. We wanted to use those right because it's just money that we couldn't use so we ended up getting a flight on july thirty first with them because it wasn't in august so this is like the last flight they were doing al. And then we booked on a different airline coming back And so we ended up. Doing it was one of those things where this is quite stressful. We basically booked the flight fold next week right like that was when it was booked And that was a very stressful experience for me. Because i did not feel like i was ready to fly again just from like a logistical standpoint. Like you know like everybody if you are frequent traveler like i was you. You will have like your wash bag. And it's just got stuff in it. You don't take it out and you have like your charge a bag and it's just like it's all set and that's you know you're ready to go. I had dismantled all this stuff and like cables had taken out used in different places or you know what i mean like had to replace older than already and it was just quite stressful and plus. It's actually quite difficult to travel right now because like logistically. Because you have to make sure you're following all the rules of the country's entrance and exit So like what documentation do i need to provide two in. What do i need to do before i can leave. All of this stuff is available to you. If you have a government with good practices and the uk was a bit better romania whilst the uk's situation it's more complicated to get back into the uk the inflammation is at least available. Edina had to contact the embassy of romania to confirm what they needed and while they needed less that information was less readily available. That makes sense And so there's a forms that you have to fill in stuff you have to print. I haven't traveled with things that i printed in so many years when i was first traveling as an adult i'd like print the print ads and like i haven't done that in so long but like i wanted to have this time like valerie stiffest sprint the form sprint. That kind of stuff. So we had to do like I think we had to do a test to go to romania. I don't i. Honestly i don't remember at this point but we did have to get tests for coming home so we had to do like a test before we left and then one afterwards and everything came back. Fine of course voice i would. I would be saying that was like oh by the way casey. I didn't mention known. No we're all fine and the trip itself. So once i was more anxious about being around people then i was worried about catching covert you know on the surface that makes no sense but i do understand what you're saying. I felt more nervous about just being in that environment. Because like you know we've done everything we could medically and we had these like really extreme musk's like medical grade mosques and then we will be wearing for the travel which is more than we would like they much more filtration the ones that we typically use yup yup. I'm with you right which might just like the surgical masks or cloth mask. Some kind of filtration in numb there will like f f p to f p three or something. I'm assuming this is our equivalent of like ninety five. You know whatever the british equivalent is or something like that. But like i don't think they're equivalent such but just imagine that's what we're talking about. I mean that's the kind of stuff we're talking about so and so on the plane it didn't feel that terrible. There were people around us that will not wearing them mosques properly. But that was exactly what i was expecting to happen. Y- yeah right. So honestly when i was on the plane it was like i'm fine with this. This is what. I was expecting I will say. I love romania romanian people in general but they are a.

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