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Situation or a wizard situation where they have to be parked for a long time because then it raises questions about how exactly the schedule is going to work this. This was something and it reinforced. Even though the nba did a great job apparently taken care of everything and reinforced that. There was some risk. There was a nightmare. Scenario that existed with all star it appears they've avoided that though you know what look rich out with zach. I was looking at a spotted life which on the sideline right. And i'm thinking. Maybe because he had follow joyce two guys that want to know my la put. That wasn't the case. He was more concerned about joel v. Sadness and what is the fact that is going to have on a team where you look at the seventy sixers team that will play. They will playing expire a winning basketball before the all-star great and one thing you don't wanna mess up his chemistry using when you come in at the dollar rate you want everyone healthy. This is what you wanna hit your stride. This is when you start really planned agenda free basketball because it's nothing else to make. I mean obviously you go for your individual wards but everything else is all about coming together and for donald trying to win the championship. And they'll just missing to gains from interest standpoint guys coming back not really having their legs and not being able to go out there and practice or whatever the case may be you can have that risk of injury. So is everything to me. Hopefully everyone be filed. We see these two studs back on the court again. So but i just i feel doc rivers right now. I see his face been on for twenty years was gonna say you and to the nba in some ways. Got a little bit lucky here. If the covid test from the barber had come back. I don't know six hours later than it did or eight hours. I don't know what the exact swing is on. Those guys would have been in the locker room with their all star teammates. And so then you would've looked at much more a much more. Sprawling context tracing situation that they didn't have to go through and and that is partly because they've had rigorous testing all the way throughout and partly luck which they got lucky in that regard and we do send our best to the barbara who is infected and hope that joel and and Ben come out of this safely all right. let's move onto lebron. he started. He did play nearly thirteen minutes in the first half. Then you took the entire second half.

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