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I am really excited. State to be joined by katrina fair rings. So thank you for joining us. Your i believe your partner with the pacific. Chris group yes indeed. I am cool. Tell me a little bit your your background for the listeners. Please donkey robert for having me join you. So i am a season by. Hr professional i have done. Hr my entire career and have held all roles from being an assistant. Get an hr department to running my own Department as the human resources officer at this point in my career. I transitioned to doing. Hr consulting uh specifically to bring kind of higher level hr expertise to small and mid sized businesses that would traditionally not be able to afford or would make sense for them to have achieved a chief. Hr officer on board and typically. It's hr that an owner or a operations director. Maybe even just an office manager is responsible for and it's not rocket science but there are a lot of different ways to apply it based on your business you're industry or size and so it can be a little bit overwhelming and that's where you come in and help make sure that works setting up companies to run smoothly efficiently and completely and it was awesome. Yeah i and i remember when. I have my company with tons of employees and i felt as it was such a minefield. Sa- go through. Because now you feel you know things but as you probably know better than me is lost. Seem to change Especially when you're dealing with multi states and all the different changes they are so yeah. I definitely appreciate what you do you. So you've probably experienced. A lot of us was interesting questions when all the business owners are being going through these challenging times over the last twelve. Thirteen months. And probably things that you haven't you never experienced before for sure working from home so talk through co you're handling the Advising companies yes absolutely. Well certainly you're right. It is constantly Particularly volatile and dynamic environment that we're operating in right now with regards to co bet so obviously. We all had to jump through hoops last year and put together Site safety plans and figure out how to shut down how to get. People set up to work remotely. How to manage workforce whether it's was layoffs or You know putting people internally on on leaves Lots of different arrangements depending on the the employer in what was needed to keep the business afloat. And now we're looking at as the vaccines are available. We're looking at. What do we do about requiring vaccines not requiring vaccines and the initial Guidance from the eoc was that you could require it a so. I've been guiding clients on how to implement a policy around that that allows them some flexibility depending on how things of all continued to of all and also based on what the nature of their business is the necessity for protecting the business by Making sure that more people are vaccinated Within their organization And then when you decide that you want to reopen how do you go back to nature our yes. So it's it's not like it's clear where we're at and every organization on their employees and the type of work that they do will dictate how that happens and then we also have to stay on top of all of the safety protocols And making sure we're doing having worker safety at as a priority and keeping people educated about what's okay and what's not how do you how do you handle all the records. From all of this period of time it's covered by rules with regards to osha as well as Medical information for the hypocr laws hustle. Stuff all of those things. Yes he dealt with seeing just before. We started recording that of even harrison challenges. Know where what was it. Some states are no beginning into all backup. There's a lot more vaccines available. You know they're starting to request that employees come back into work with you know guidelines in place but know f- either. The employees have genuine fears of coming back to work or perhaps they're used to working from home environment than having to deal with traveling and that one or not challenging position where would put did they do they for some back and guidance to the tape from for people like yourself yeah absolutely well the asthma. So many issues. The most important thing is that you have a solid policy About what your expectations are with regards to returning to work. And then from there you can deal with those individuals situations and just like we had at the beginning of the pandemic. We had infrastructure businesses. That were able to continue operation Through despite the pandemic they obviously had to have a lot of Protocols put into place in order for them to be able to continue to function But there were employees that were concerned. And and if you have a solid policy then you can look at that and determine if there is a need for an accommodation a real need is based on medical need and so you could handle that as a specific accommodation rather than. I'm doing it for this person. I'm not doing that person. And if there is not a legitimate reason than you have every you it's totally up to you. The ball is in your court should be able to make the decision of what action. You're going to take with regards to that employees and you have every right to say. Well you're choosing not to return to work just like if somebody decide they're not gonna show up for work you know. Abandonment and people have that right and they had that choice. Most date Manage dates have employment at will which is at any time somebody can decide. It's not the right job for them at that The need and it's not based on something that is protected which you already laid out your clear policy. Then it's easier to navigate how you make decisions than handle those specific situation but sugar's there's many situations we're probably most company policies. They didn't have anything like that. Saudi and their books so perhaps a them have not had a chance to go back through and review them so as soon as probably quite a few scrambling to try and figure out warrantless for those policies and is that then seem by. There was employees that are just rushing to to deal with ups Pacific scenario That may be the case but that is always the case than it's very clear in any employee hamble that you say that is all those policies are subject to change at anytime and and as the situation requires will issue that policy as needed. And you know for example. There's some there's the new relief. Bill that president by signed are but it has many hr relevant topics including the expansion of the emergency sick time and we have an overlapping law in california as well For that the governor governor gavin newsom signed. But you also Addresses emergency sick time For people having effects from getting the covid vaccine right they would have been able to use that emergency time and in california. That's down to employers that have five employees and so yes you would not have had a policy in place.

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