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Usually does happen when you have sex will congratulations bro enjoy it and I know when a when a woman is pregnant usually sex is a little well for me it's a lot better too early yes only six weeks too early we'll see you tomorrow thank you Bob what hello this is Victoria a big story yeah oh my god I love you all Hey he Hey boo okay I'm calling for the single people because I'm not having sex at all and Charles may I thought that pose and I commented on her thing and I told her to be grateful right yes well man Leon Rogers posted bring the NBA back over again S. six times a day and then another that's all I got is so deep every two hours why can I tell her she needs to be great well I would love to be doing what those problems you want those probably I like the attitude can I make one more comment about earlier when I was talking about people still hanging out I just want to shout out to my friends who are rich they literally had a crop is one party yesterday and they know me yes I wear and all these chicks are almost forty eight eight yes the young people out of your trip if it's alright in fact it I'm a days she dropped a dime on should call police out like that and you should call police on tickets in Detroit at a ruse part they had a gathering there was like a party in the park they were given out five hundred other tickets to people you should graduate with an annual bad wig and you should not like that and tell call police on eight hundred five eight five one five one it's Friday so you know what that means it you know right now he called us out right now with the breakfast locomotive it.

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