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Of Steve skin Fini, salute to service next on WGM J. He does have made vodka is America's original craft vodka and nineteen ninety-five. Tito beverage set out to build a micro distillery, incorporating elements of ours, and craftsmanship from boutique wineries into the spirits industry, pot distilled in made from corn, Tito's is naturally. Gluten free crafted in Austin, Texas to be savored by spirit, soars, and everyday drinkers alike for Tito's recipes, infusion, ideas, Tito swag, or to learn more about our story. Visit Tito's vodka dot com. Eighty proof Tito's handmade vodka crafted to be savored responsibly. Imagine a cancer patient who thought he had run out of options getting his life back after a groundbreaking treatment. I'm Dr Jim Thomas, a medical oncologist, and director of clinical research, with a freighter in the Medical College, Wisconsin cancer network, recently researchers at the Medical College, Wisconsin developed a clinical trial that extended the life of a man with a full mom who had not responded to other treatments given to him a freighter hospital this unique form of Carty cell therapy reengineer immune system to target and kill his cancer cells, six weeks later. His cancer was in full, remission. Clinical trials like this help bring tomorrow's treatments to our patients today through the freighter in the Medical College Wisconsin, cancer network. We offer over four hundred cancer clinical trials more than anyone eastern Wisconsin to learn how we're clinical trials are making more possible for people worldwide. Visit Fraser dot com slash cancer. Let's go. What.

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