YouTube TV vs. Sling TV: Which Streaming Service Is Better?

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I've been subscribing a YouTube TV about a year as a cable alternative that cost less than cable, TV and offers a way better experience, but youtube just announced a huge thirty percent price hike for the service, and I'm rather upset about it. As are many others as have been noted on social media, I'm Jefferson Graham let me fill you in on. Today's talking tech now. When it launched in twenty seventeen YouTube TV thirty five dollars a month, and gave you a host of cable channels more than enough as far as I was concerned, but way fewer the hundreds on cable. You know the ones we never watch. You didn't have to rent. Stupid. Cable boxes or DVR's everything was streaming, and that cloud dvr offered unlimited storage, not only that you could start a show on TV and watch the rest on your phone or tablet without missing a beat. But then youtube started adding more channels in upping the fee. Before the latest price hike, it'd ballooned up to fifty dollars monthly. Beginning July thirtieth for current subscribers, the TAB is now a whopping sixty five bucks. Youtube tried to soften the blow by announcing new channels like MTV and comedy central, but that does nothing for me. How about an option to stay at fifty dollars? Sands MTV because I don't want my MTV and like Trevor Noah, but I can live without comedy central to so as I mentioned. I'm rather upset. As, my friend Peter Chatty noted on twitter. All of the sudden Youtube TV is sounding an awful lot cable, which is why we got YouTube TV in the first place. So what are we going to do well? The cheapest option is to switch to sling TV which just announced that. If you sign up by August I, it will freeze pricing the thirty dollars monthly for twelve months good. But slaying doesn't have as many channels for instance no CBS or NBC local, so if you like to dvr shows on those networks, you'll have the spring for an external dvr. It's a lot of work. The Air TV model that sling sells for a hundred dollars requires an external, hard drive Ka Ching add another hundred dollars, or so, who live TV is fifty five dollars, but I don't believe for a minute that the rates are not going up soon. So I started shopping cable TV again I did some Internet searches and played around with the comcast and spectrum websites, which reminded me why left cable in the first place the come on raids started around sixty bucks in once you added in the equipment rental for Modem, TV boxes and DVR's plus all those fees, and you're now north of one hundred twenty five dollars so now youtube. TV doesn't seem so bad. I'm still furious. Google and I don't understand why the company can't cut slight viewers like me slack and offer them package with fewer channels. But. You know what I'm not going back to cable.

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