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Customs data showed Chinese exports to the US whereas thirteen point four percent to forty four point four billion dollars ticking up from July thirteen point three percent growth imports of US goods rose eleven point one percent to thirteen point three billion dollars from decelerating from the previous months. Eleven point eight percent that is four spotted Jeremy house reporting. A lot of concerns about the Brexit and exactly how it is going to take place and who will affect economically the European Union's cheap. Brexit negotiator says that divorce agreement with Britain by early November is possible. And that triggered a big rally in the pound people felt more optimistic during a conference at alpine lake resort in northwestern Slovenia, Michel Barnier said Brexit deal was in his words, not far away. That's of eighty percent of the withdrawal agreement has now been agreed to breaking news and analysis can be found at townhall dot com. Trial proceedings have begun against Volkswagen on behalf of investors, alleging the company did not give them timely notice. If it scandal over cars right to cheat on diesel emissions investors seeking ten point four billion dollars saying those fog and didn't give them the facts they needed to decide what to do with their shares before the scandal became public. The US Environmental Protection Agency had accused those Thakin in September two thousand fifteen manipulating diesel emissions. That is Charles de LA desma for those who use regular gas prices remained steady over the past couple of weeks, but feel press handlers. Probably Lundberg says prices do vary widely around the country, low average in this panel of cities Jackson, Mississippi to fifty one and that is the same as it is in bachelor Rouge, the.

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